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Signs of labour?

Had a bit of show this morning...for those who dunno..it's like blood spotting or more than tat.

Still went out for movie Alice in Wonderland, my 1st 3D show, and was having contractions during the show..

Now at Macs at the hospital having lunch...later will go up to Delivery Suite to check out status...

Today or tmr?

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Oh my gosh!!! Good thing u made it to da hospital - since when does a hospital have a MACS (I presume McDonalds) ... Take care sweetie - hugs & kisses!!! :)
about 10 years ago
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Let us know asap how it all goes. Take Care Jo :)
about 10 years ago
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Ooooo, hope he comes soon!!! G'luck!!!
about 10 years ago
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Have a smooth delivery ya :)
about 10 years ago
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March 8 seems like a good date. Take that one. haha. 3-8 is a funny Chinese idiom, isn't it? haha. Luckily you guys over there go day-month instead of month-day like we do here. Take cares.
about 10 years ago


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