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Jeremiah (updates, else im not fair)

K, i remembered when i had Stariel i CONSTANTLY updated about her growth and progress...but when come to Jeremiah, i had become 'lazier' and things like his 1 mth celebration were done at a much smaller scale. No more hoo hah like before, for Stariel. I hope when he grows up he doesnt think i favour Stariel, but it seems like right now, i favour him more ironically...Stariel is super sticky to my MIL, hence im with my son. But not that it's a pain, but his smiles really made it much easier to take care of him,...Read more

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Jer boy the Flipper (3 mths)

Now the boy likes to flip either sides, this makes it more dangerous, and we have to keep a closer eye on him...no longer the easy baby who just lie on the bed

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DnD, cheongsam, wedding

My company's DnD is coming up and this time its at Marriot Hotel. The last 2 i missed, 1st time was it clashed with my wedding photoshoot, 2nd time, they just had a bowling cum lunch which i gave a miss.

So after working for pretty long in my music sch, it'd be my 1st time at the DnD. Theme is movie...but im just thinking of adorning on my cheongsam which i wore on my wedding like in 2007? 3 years ago! Becoz i was thinking, if i dun wear it now, i'd seldom have the chance to wear it....The thing is i may risk over-...Read more

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Advanced Father's Day lunch for Mr Cloudz

Booked a restaurant at Regent Hotel (where we had our banquet wedding dinner) in 2007...time flies...however the person told me wrongly, 2nd Sunday of June was not Father's Day, but this coming Sunday. Anyhow, we went ahead with the booking.

Decided to try out this restaurant due to a local mag's review raving about its meats (including foie gras & cheeses), but the cheeses were only the white bland ricotta cheese which was a dissapointment. The wagyu beef was so so. Ironically the salmon tast...Read more

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Jeremiah videos

Jeremiah turned 3 mths recently and here're 2 videos of him

One of him laughing like a doll according to daddy, towards daddy (his lover boy)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1psXpEyBdk And another, toking in his baby language...this time a bit more nasal than the usual rounder ang-gu sounds he makes

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGYN6O_8Z_0


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Studio Family Shots

Took/wasted the whole afternoon today on a precious Saturday on this photoshoot which they took 78 photos, but only gave us 2 free ones. When asked if we wanna top up, they said $100 per photo! Crazy ppl!!! Anyhow these are the 2 ones we picked out of the 78 sadly...

Not satisfied, i took loads more of photos at home, which will upload next round...here're the two first...

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My piano cover of Candle in the Wind-Elton John

Post performance: since no video taken during performance, here's one taken by my camera on one of the songs i did that night. Someone requested Candle in the Wind, here it is...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP8zTYc23LM

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Performing commercially

4th June at Raffles Town Club

[Cytology doctors' dinner]

Pretty thankful to my friend who gave me the chance to perform commercially other than the usual wedding stints.

Had to learn up more than 10 songs to play and sing-mainly jazz and english oldies due to the ang moh based audience...

His friend on bass guitar, him on keyboard, mi on vocals and keyboard as you can see from the photos.

Luckily despite...Read more

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Directed at braggers online

I guess its natural that we as parents we'd like to 'boast' about our child's achievements and so forth. And i admit and im not ashamed im one of them.

But especially so, when even bigger braggers online even msg you privately saying "Oh my daughter, already knew how to do that last time"...Im like doh...She's trying to say her daughter's better than mine. Ka Pui?

And she's the very same person who said "Play piano? Just moving your fingers only what, what's so difficu...Read more

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Stariel turns 21 mths~

Time flies, but Stariel still havent turned 2 years old.

Ppl have commented she looks like a japanese doll. Both kids inherited their dad's looong eye lashes which i envy.

She can sing a number of songs and even request me to do action for her Row row row a boat with the rowing action (lucky i learnt these from Yamaha heh), Twinkle twinkle, ABC song (im aiming for completeness and clarity, not just mumble a few letters...) And funny thing is she counts 1 to 10 in Chinese and English, she can also recognize numbers w...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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