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1 mth baby cake card

Time flies...Jeremiah is turning 1 mth soon, and just last min sent in orders for cakes to be delivered to our respective work places. And here's the card! This really brings back memories of Stariel's card, so i digged out from archives here to show comparison...

Initially by memory tot they looked similar, but of course Jeremiah's eyes are bigger than Stariel's at birth and at 1 mth...at least both got lots of hair too

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Photo 85283
happy first month baby! =)
almost 10 years ago
Photo 911
they look a like........ resembles one another... i was just looking at Sydney's old pictures too yesterday....... i really miss that age..
almost 10 years ago
Photo 5614
wow! one month already?! Jeremiah is such a cutie!!! :)
almost 10 years ago
Photo 1831
Cute pic of Jeremiah
almost 10 years ago
Photo 1831
So cute~
almost 10 years ago
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the cake idea is lovely, I like the card for Jeremiah, he looks to take after his dad's features while Stariel took on much of you, both sweet kids :)
almost 10 years ago
Photo 29346
Awww it's cute!!!
almost 10 years ago
Photo 48556
awww so cute cute.......
almost 10 years ago
Photo 43083
Jeremiah's eyes don't look bigger - just more open ^^
almost 10 years ago


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