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:O @ pageants & soapbars

Recently there's this super DIG at the ousted Ms Singapore Universe 2009, Ris Low because of the much talked about interview...see below! I finally bothered to find and watch it.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c_A7-7B7-w Think she has become the nation wide's laughing stock about her "BOOMZ", "i like to wear RAD (red)", "Duck gins" (dark jeans), "leopard prince/preens" (prints) etc etc...Ppl we...Read more

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Moment of Truth

Yesterday night was browsing the TV for shows, actually i forgot ANTM was on Thurs instead of Wed. So ended up watching Moment of Truth. Contestants answer a series of really personal qns and i guess they're hooked to the lie detector sensor at the same time. So if they answer the series correctly, they'd get the money.

Initially i was not even interested in the show, but as i watched on, i was glued due to my curiosity. So there was this guy (American of course) who participated in the show, and his parents, galfriend Maria a...Read more

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Tremors of earthquake felt yesterday

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans island—wide literally felt the earth move under their feet as tremors shook the island in areas as diverse as Redhill in central Singapore to the northeast of the country like Pasir Ris.

This, after a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.6 hit Indonesia.

Singapore’s Meteorological Services confirmed that the earthquake hit at about 6.15 pm this evening in the waters off Southern Sumatra about 530 kilometres from Singapore.

Minutes later, MediaCorp’s news hotlines started ringi...Read more

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Ugly Truth & Inglorious Basterds

Just realised the movie titles sound negative when put together...Well both movies are funny in some sense.

Ugly Truth

Starring Katherine Heigl & Gerard Butler.

Gal is filled with typical checklist of the ideal guy (then again, i know of guys who have checklist of the ideal gal...so there!), she's a control freak in her work and life which turns guys off. Whereas the guy is the opposite of her, devil may care attitude, blunt, horny and not afraid to embrace...Read more

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Donna Lee comping practice

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GGVTC3dQO4 Think told u long time ago i finally signed up for jazz piano lessons. Under my same school that im working in. Here's part of what i have learnt-comping (piano accompaniment) for Donna Lee. Used a clavinova to 1st pre-record the melody using "soft trumpet" sound which my hubby thinks sounds Indian hehe; together with the rhythm box. Then played with the recording.

Comping is like in the ...Read more

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Boys over Flowers music-my piano version

Been following the Korean drama series that's pretty popular (since the guys are pretty good looking), the gal too, and of course the nice story line that's repeated again from Taiwanese version of Meteor Garden. It originated from the comic books.

Anyway here's my short rendition of wat i always hear being played during the drama series; hence it's not the complete song. Quite a silly title-Because I'm Stupid...doh

Happy listening~

Video: Read more

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Did a moderately expensive purchase for a bath salt and body moisturizing cream yesterday night.

Was walking ard window shopping at clothes on sale when suddenly a sales person approached me. Straight away i tot it's the same thing as the last time-they put bath salts on your hand, u rub, then they'd wash off the salt and u feel your skin being smoother. Just that last time, they gave me a free hand cream, this time i PAID money for this Dead Sea Salt and cream. Actually, i really didnt intend to buy them at all....but i guess the sales p...Read more

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4 finger pianist Hee

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYXvUSSH0ow This was shared by my online friend on FB.

When i saw i was like..........oh my gosh, how did she play that song with 4 fingers??? She puts us 10 finger ppl to shame. Really sheer will power, and with God's strength, Nothing is Impossible. She puts me to shame, with my complaining of jazz piano being challenging...i shall try to learn to be like her...In the meantime, im wondering how does she play Fanta...Read more

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Baby shoes

Was telling Jane that time nearing my gal's 1st birthday that i was trying to find the right sized shoes for her. It's weird, over here, some women (older generation) thinks we shouldnt let a baby before 1 year old try on shoes to walk since they believe that they'd have a hard life....yeah its a stupid superstition..but since to respect my elders, i just let it be.

So....the 1st time i bought, i based on my hand measurement of her feet, which apparently wasnt very accurate....coz it was too big for her! But the gd thing is she...Read more

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Belated Teacher's Day

1st Sept was teacher's day over here, wonder if its the same in your countries? Not that most ppl care...

It was also Peachey's birthday, so if u forgot to wish her...oh oh....better wish her

But i was mildly surprised by this year's amount of pressies received...especially after the horrible incidents that some of you have read previously...

Anyway it makes my work much more bearable and feel appreciated and encouraged...even though the pay is still not up to expectations...how...Read more

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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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