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Yes im literally confined after birth of Jeremiah, supposedly for 1 mth. But i'd just be counting till end of March even tho he's born in 2nd week of March...

Yesterday was feeling pretty depressed...i guess the main reason was becoz i was going mad cooped up at home. Fortunately or unfortunately, my 3rd wisdom tooth was giving me probs-it was biting my lower gums and tat hurts with every bite of food i take..

-----Jer boy cries for milk; feeding as im typing now------

So yest i Broke Confinement to go to the dentist to extract my wisdom tooth. Upon arrival, front desk Sherry said she'd call me once patient b4 me is done.

Hence i spent the hour shopping like a freed prisoner; happily bought stuff. Window shopped- Tried on a 3-inched pair of shoes which are quite in now here, those strappy high kinds; a big carat diamond ring; some clothes...guess really had my retail therapy.

Felt sooooo much better after i went out after 2 weeks plus

Oh dentist was nice too, she told me her 2 daughters are about to sign up for music lessons at my sch but at another branch. Tot removing wisdom tooth wld be scary/painful, but the procedure took very fast and was pretty ok after the X-ray. i kept my big tooth for souvenir heh.

Well well for now, have to contend with Jeremiah's FEROCIOUS APPETITE as im typing now...sigh. Stresses.

3rd week and he drinks 60 over to 70ml (He can also finish 80ml) and is hungry every 2 hrs!!! How to lengthen his feeding intervals when he's already drinking so much already??




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it's ok.. the 2nd one is always like that.. hahahaa. i had no patience too when it came to Carter.. i went out on the 3rd week.. SHOPPING.. haha
about 10 years ago
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looks like becoming a mum is not an easy job...but better take good care of urself while inconfinement...enjoy motherhood
about 10 years ago
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I rmb my boy (my first baby) was like that too...so much so my breastfeeding attempts were not so successful, and had to do supplements with bottle feed and had to give up b/f after 3 months. With my younger girl...she's so much more patient and cooperative, you can really tell the difference. He was also very attention deficit - we need to carry him with a baby carrier most of the time, and at a later stage, he refused to stay in the stroller. It's either hand-carry or walk. So it was quite tough. I look up and found some expert advice for 'High Need Babies'. But as he grew, he has become easier in certain ways - we could bring him on tours and he'd walk on his own, from the age of 4. Whereas I still carry my girl around now, at the age of 6. In the beginning, it's always more difficult...I used a baby rocker to make him sleep longer...knock the fella out, hehe.
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I had 2 of my wisdom teeth taken out too. One was infected and the other wasn't coming through properly, so I got them both yanked. Luckily not at the same time. Wow he takes in heaps of milk O_O
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Confined for 1 month is no fun, I'm pleased you were able to get a bit out retail therapy during the dentist visit.
about 10 years ago
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Congratulations! I've been so out of the loop, I totally didn't know you had your second child. I still remember when you had Stariel.
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Retail therapy sounds good - think I NEED some after this past week!!!
about 10 years ago


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