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Jeremiah's chinese name

And daddy just went to the hospital to register Jeremiah's birth certificate.

His chinese name is Chen2 Yao4 Zheng4

Yao4-brilliant/bright       Zheng4-straight/upright.

Previously, my FIL asked a Suan Ming Shi (fengshui master kind) to work out some chinese name options...but most sounded weird and have not much meaning...

There's one which was Jian4 Cai2 (but the Cai2 is not fortune, it can be talent or coffin in chinese the latter word), so to me it sounded like meet the coffin...doh

Another one was Ke1 something...sounds like tadpole...Ke1 dou4

And the most 'ok' one was Chen2 Lu..4 Chen2 (sounds like orange, green, orange)....which i think kids will make fun of...

So i told Mr Cloudz to discuss with me our options of names and we'd let the master vet. He said only the above was the more ok one...coz need Zheng4 to "balance" out his life.

He claims Jeremiah's Ba Zi is too strong/aggressive, hence needed Zheng4 to balance out.

Fine. Then yesterday i tot wat if i swop the order become Chen2 Zheng4 Yao4 instead? Recalculated the subtotals of 1st 2 characters' stroke, it seems good=> prosperous...but then Mr Cloudz said cannot anyhow change like tat...and anyway the master already said Yao Zheng was fine...tho we didnt ask the other way round..

Today was the deadline to register the birth cert at the hospital i had given birth. Hence we registered. A load off my mind...

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A lot of thought goes into a Chinese name, I wish may parents had done the same, I ask why I was called my name and simply get 'we liked it' my brother got lumbered with Marshall Shane...Dad was a big cowboy movie fan :D
over 10 years ago
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Hahaha......your interpretation of the names got me laughing!
over 10 years ago
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I just asked the older generation, and I still don't remember what my children's names mean....hope you're doing well!
over 10 years ago
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I gather the numbers are the character brush strokes ... nice name! ^^
over 10 years ago
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hmmmm..interesting.. how u come up with the name. the cloud hav given a proper though before naming the prophet.,,, Wish u all the best Jeremiah aka Chen2 Yao4 Zheng4
over 10 years ago
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do you use english or chinese names more?
over 10 years ago
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Oh, I like his chinese name!
over 10 years ago
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Pongza: thx! Dreamy: in Singapore we have both, but i speak to them in English more liang: thx! Diana: Thx! Silky: Thx!
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