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Jeremiah's delivery process~

It's been a week since Jeremiah's birth, and i think i betta pen down before i forget more...

On the 7th March Sunday, think i had a minor show. But still went out with Mr Cloudz to TM before i can't go out again for 1 mth. Usually work there, but this time took leave just days before delivery/EDD. Ate breakfast with Macs, and bumped into some of my students and parents...they must be wondering how come im there but not teaching...

At that time, i was having mild contractions, so i was deciding if i should still go ahead with watching my 'last movie b4 i give birth'...

Walked over to Century Square, and browsed some comics with Mr Cloudz b4 deciding. Finally i just said Yes to watching Alice in Wonderland in 3D (my 1st time watching a 3D movie). And hoped i didnt have extreme pain during the movie. So while i was enjoying my 1st 3D effect movie, i was timing my contractions using my hp which ranged from 8 to 6 mins...and was hoping that i'd be able to finish the movie. Luckily the movie was 1 hr plus only and i was telling Mr Cloudz maybe i should go KK to check out my dilation.

Initially wanted to shop around Tampines One and eat at some restaurants, go to Standard Chartered with Mr Cloudz, but decided to just go KK first.

Reached KK, went to delivery suite, gynae was informed by my SMS tat i was checking in. She asked the nurses there to check me out and update her on my status. A nurse put her hand in and checked, she said 0 dilation?!?!?! i was like Huh? How can that be? Last week past 2 appointments my dilation by gynae was 1 cm, how can go back to 0 cm again? Then the nurse said her fingers were short...@@ hur hur...Then i asked her how're the contractions? She said not strong enuff...so i told her i'd go home and come back another day. In the meantime, my gynae wanted to either meet me for normal appts on either Mon night or Tues morning. I was like Huh? For what? Might as well just come in when im delivering already. So reluctantly i was discussing with Mr Cloudz which day, decided the later Tues morning. His EDD was on Wed 10th Mar.

Went home to rest, wanted to go church but Mr Cloudz was too tired. So stayed at home for dinner. However, i went out again! Later in the night to TCC Orchard 24 hrs to do our work there while having drinks and supper. By the time we left it was ard 12am Mon already. On the way home, was deciding whether to check in or not...In the end i decided i should go home to let Mr Cloudz have a good rest/sleep on the bed, unlike the last time whereby he 'suffered' with me for the night's contractions.

Come to the Night Contractions: It was getting more and more intense, and i was disturbed at times to check my hp for time during my sleep.

D-day 8th Mar: Toilet-this time it was The Show, much more blood than the previous day's. Contractions was getting more painful and frequent. Bathed, then had breakfast. Mr Cloudz was still doing his never-ending work on the laptop. I was like telling him to hurry. Think he didnt get how intense my contractions were until i whizzed into the room and came out in my outside clothes to signal to him i need to GO. He straightaway ate quickly and got ready very fast and drove us to KK. By the time it was about 9 plus am i think.

Reached hospital, but gynae smsed me to go to Clinic B instead of to the Delivery Suite. I was like wondering Why? Then i was waiting outside the rm she specified, then complaining to Mr Cloudz why am i waiting when I AM IN LABOUR?!??! i was very very displeased and i guess angry already. I really wanted to just go to the Delivery Suite. Finally went in, my eyes were like breaming with tears of anger i think. Gynae was asking i look like im gonna cry, due to e contractions? i was like No...didnt answer her when she said was it sinus.

So this time, i was already 4 cm dilated. And she said this time i checked in during the correct time. She pierced into my left hand's vein to take blood and prepare for later's drip. FINALLY i was wheeled up to the Delivery Suite.

So Mr Cloudz was with me. Was asking gynae if i can eat lunch, but she said i'd prolly delivery before lunch! So fast? mm...So i asked for epidural, then announcement someone fainted and asked ALL MEDICAL PERSONNEL to go there. I was like HUH? do u need the WHOLE HOSPITAL to go to 1 person? Really weird...then they said becoz of that, my anaesthician may be delayed!!! Great....i was like i WANT my Epidural ASAP, before i really go into the real labour. So i nicely asked the nurse but urgently i wanted my epi. In the meantime, i was watching Oscars on 5 which i tot would happen-while i deliver. Dr Sundeep finally came to give me my epidural. He was pretty detailed and friendly, and i learnt more details about the epi than the last time i took it. This time my right back ached when he was administering the epi, but he said was perfectly fine.

So we rested for awhile b4 nurse and gynae came in. Think it was already ard noon. I was almost fully dilated 8-9cm and she said ready to deliver! so fast :p She bursted my water bag again, but when recalling, i dun remember liquid flowing out after tat mm..So she raised my legs and one was rested on her hips, asked me to push when the contraction was coming...i think i pushed like 5-6 times b4 Jeremiah was out! In the middle of the pushes, i was feeling discomfort when he was in the middle, so this time i used so much force that my face came out red spots due to my super intense pushing. Mr Cloudz said he saw red and black on my face when i was pushing! And Jeremiah's out.

Gynae showed me his privates and said, it's a boy hor...coz i kept asking her. Then she asked if i was relieved after i pushed him out. i answered "Definitely". She said that was a very cool sounding "definitely". Then the normal procedures, cleaning, weighing etc.

Jeremiah was 3.26 kg heavy, 50cm tall. Lighter than his sister 3.45kg. But he was earlier by 2 days, Sis was later by 4 days, so 6 days difference.

Again gynae asked me how i feel about the boy/birth. For the sis i answered "Surreal", for the bro, i said in chinese "Bu Ke Si Yi"

Next day morn gynae visited me early like 7 plus when i was sleeping to give me a hamper of chicken essence. At night when hubby and dad & Stariel visited her, she said i had a very smooth and fast delivery for both.

Blood cord bank ppl told me didnt draw enuff blood, had to draw 2 tubes again!!! i was like...why am i suffering again for donation...mm...but for the karma sake of my children, i withstood more needles poking into me even after birth. And guess what? the doc asked me to relax my hand that time, i moved my hand and the needle came out...She had to re-poke me again!!! Diao....she was like sorry sorry...i said next time she should just guide my hand how she wants it to be. She look really apologetic so i wasnt angry with her.

K breastfeeding now with my LH..cya

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