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There have been many mumbles on the many forums I participate on - was interesting to read some of the comments  made recently on Mark Allen's blog ... just thought'd I copy & paste a few things I'd written elsewhere, here. I am too filled up with flu to try and write a coherent piece. Sorry. I might try and edit this tomorrow. For the time being just bear with me!Being creative on a global scale IS NO LONGER an elite skill. For better or worse, anyone can make whatever they like and deliver content. There is simply not enough bandwidth for consumers to trawl through all the shit to find the something they might like. Even for the truly dedicated searchers. There are too many blogs recommending too much stuff, there are too many PR companies trying to promote too much stuff, there are too many people producing too much crap and dumping that into long-tail online shops with massive inventories they care nothing about.When you had to pay for the development of a 35mm film in your camera, you were careful about how & when you took your photographs. With digital cameras, there are literally zillions of photographs on the net. Perhaps 1000 times that figure locked away on hard-drives in homes around the world.When you had to pay to put a CD or vinyl recording out, the same care and attention was required. Also, when it actually cost money to buy equipment (as opposed to jacking pirate software) to make that music in the first place - you either had to be fortunate or simply dedicated in order to make your song ideas into a reality. Anyone can now upload mp3's and (try to) sell them.The cost of making and distributing films (movie films, I just hate the word 'movies') is prohibitive to most people apart from the most fortunate or dedicated. See where I'm going with this? New technology such as Red will democratise film making in the same way that DAWs revolutionised music. And by that I mean millions of superbly polished but ultimately garbage films clogging up the internet. Pulp-film if you like. Give the film industry 10 years and the industry will be struggling across the board much the same way that music people are having to adjust right now.Anyone can take a picture, build a web-site, design a logo, write a book, produce a song, film a movie... it is almost impossible now to rise above the background noise and even with hugely complicated and/or lucky promotional campaigns only a few voices will ever get heard. and being truly original is almost guaranteeing yourself to commercial obscurity.it's a great time to be creative - all the tools are available, there, right in front of you. it's just tough trying to make a living :)

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all music scenes are the same to be honest ... I lost interest in breakbeat sometime in 2004-5 and went looking around for other regions of inspiration - only to find that every other sub-genre of electronic / club music is on its knees. hip-hop and rock seem to be slightly more immune to technological saturation as it actually requires a modicum of talent to play a guitar, drums & bass and/or get on-stage and rap. any fucking idiot can dial up a plug-in and make a house track. the weight of badly produced music getting released has crippled what could've been a potential career option for the few talented people who could've made it. many of the promising underground artists I looked up to in the past, have simply given up, or stopped being original in favour of being commercial. there has got to be somewhere in the region of 20 producers who used to make incredible music (who inspired me at some stage) who lack the connections necessary to move into other fields, and have just quit. shame, real shame. and to add insult to injury, all these 'Top 100 DJ' polls simply award success to people who are good at promotion, and little else. the only consolation really, is that as soon as the PR machine stops they are forgotten! anyway - there is hope. creative people who want to spend their living days making cool stuff just need to be aware of the reality and find ways to make the best of it. I wish I had 'the answer' but am tired of losing sleep over what 'the question' is. quality eventually rises to the top... I hope :)
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From movies to TV... TV to Cable TV... Cable TV to Satellite TV... now to Youtube... more options = more choices... but of course (by volume) more crapola. :-P its all the same... throughout history - they probably said the same thing when the printing press was invented.
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true that.... its total overkill in all the markets.. and if you are truly creative and swear by that to be original.. then usually the poor starvi artist is born.. or what.. do we sell out and be commercial in order to make a decent living... then that leads us to wanting more... and losing the ultimate in creativity?? but hey all is not lost... i think we can still be true to ourselves and create whatever the hell we want to... but quality does count...
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