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headless chicken

Quick catch up on events ... been hella busy: (1) More song arrangements, this time for Eason Chan which went for mastering on Monday. (2) The remix / arrangement I did for Sa Ding Ding is in the shops now as well ... that mix got poked by the label several times so it's not entirely my own voice on that remix. (3) Just waiting for the IFPI to issue my ISRC number for the new album then it can get manufactured ... everything else is done... had to wait a couple weeks for the UPC barcode as well ... then once the distributor gets the CDs they sit on them for a few more weeks ... constantly waiting on the system ... I could have this thing on P2P by dinner tonight, but no. (4) Off to engineer the DP gig at Fringe Club tonight, no idea what the set-up is like, how bad can it be! Check out thier new AnD page. (5) Music video is nearly completed! had to do some pick-up shots last week to fill in the gaps ... and dammit there were quite a few gaps! Live and learn. (6) That's it ... drinking too much, working too hard, not sleeping enough. Sketching up plans for music video #2 and starting to write up press & promo for the release. Uh, I need more staff badly. More interesting blog post coming soon - promise!

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KFC is evil ... slimy meat and mystery skin ... no way in hell were those things ever chickens. Self releasing anything is a complete f**kin' headache to be honest! All the companies you need to use are set-up to deal with major labels and big independent companies... some dude out in HK trying to put a CD out doesn't even register on the radar :)
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