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Logic Pro 8

...is finally available. only had to wait oooh 18 months for an update! better and cheaper than ever before, hopefully all the old bugs have been killed as well:  http://www.apple.com/logicstudio/

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All software is digital. Logic is about the most powerful and professional audio package available on the market today. It'll do everything from recreate the sounds in the your head all the way thru to burning a CD. And everything in between. ProTools (the M-Box version) is very good mixing, editing & recording software but MIDI editing sucks balls. Also ProTools really does not offer the same amount of plug-ins out of the box as Logic Pro does. ProTools TDM is much more powerful than Logic however, but expensive overkill if you just want to make music.
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Have been using Logic for over 7 years now (since version 4.7) and I never make a decision to choose software packages, lightly. Each software has benefits (and drawbacks) when related to any given user.
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Mbox isn't software - it's just a soundcard. If you are using PC then Nuendo, Cubase, PRoTools M-powered (which comes free with the MBox) are all good options for recording and writing music. ProTools MIDI editing is really bad (suck balls!) and it's more designed for audio recording, mixinng and editing. It's useable, just not as good as some of the other programs I mentioned here.
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