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mad week gone, mad week coming

not going to blog about the 24herbs video shoot cause it's already been done here, here, here and probably on a bunch of other pages already... because it was f*cking great fun. next time anyone puts a bulletin up for rent-a-crowd don't miss out. my first time seeing a 35mm Arri in action as well which was wicked. read about 'em, seen photos of people using them, never had a chance to actually smell one... until Tuesday. Somebody more knowledgeable will probably correct me on the actual gear used now, but what the hell - really is not often that digital producers such as yours-truly here get a chance to see real film in action. it all looks like awesome fun until you have to stop & change the reel every five minutes. four minutes... 3 minutes... whatever... shooting hours of everything from every angle is totally out of the question. on my budget at least :)have been taking a crash self-teach course in Apple Motion 3 and Color this week in anticipation of editing the ridiculous amount of footage we collected during our own HD shoot last weekend... am pretty familiar with Final Cut Pro (similar principle as most music softwatre), but diving into the other two programs and seeing how all three interact, is giving me a much greater appreciation of the power available in the software. or the of power available in my old G5 as it turns out... it's already coughing up blood at the prospect of the job to come.

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tuesday was fun... can't wait to see the final product!
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learning anything digital isn't cheap unfortunately ... just need to make a decision that it's what you wanna do and try to scrounge up cash to get everything you need. the best thing today is that old equipment (i.e: 5-10 years old) is quite cheap & can still deliver pretty good results; just requires a bit more patience and creativity.
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