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Soler remixes

been remixing the life out of Soler this weekend ... turning a number of tracks off the current album into electronic / industrial / underground stormers ... yes - believe it or not - the mixes we got so far are seriously banging AND keep full vocals & the original sequence fom the album mixes. just changing chord arrangement, all the instrumentation, adding effects & new sounds, and huge new drums, of course ... wish I could play the mix from today, but, well I can't ... yet :) it's nice to have more-or-less complete creative freedom on a profile project like this. anyway, bloody exhausted ... am out!

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yes, I think that's the title ... haven't actually seen a copy yet so no idea what it's called ... there is launch / press gig next week I think? in wan chai
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Wow!! looking forward~!
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wow cool. can't wait to hear it. I really enjoy remixes. I wish artists did it more often....
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lisamm: you are correct about the launch and Friday. I just checked my info! the remixes we're working on sound completely different to the versions you hear on X2 ... X2 as it was launched is very much the sound of Soler. etchy: remixes are one of the most interesting jobs because of the challenge involved ... trying to create a monster with a strong family resemblance!
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