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limited edition

Had all the print-proofs, album CD test pressings and merchandise samples come back these last couple weeks ... now the fun part ... real items started to arrive, all eagerly waiting to be packaged up.

In addition to the regular CDs you'll find at in stores... Alive Not Dead, Disuye.com (and a few select outlets dotted around the globe) will be responsible for selling the limited edition box set ... I think it's a cool twist on buying a regular CD ... but not going to say what it consists of just yet.

The guys from Corellian Engineering (a new HK based company who oversee CD manufacturing, music video production, and source all the other extra cool stuff necessary to create album packages) stopped by with pre-production samples, some of which you can partially make-out in the (intentionally useless!) photograph below. And what's there is not even the half of it.

In an age where music no longer has commercial value, it's quite exciting to think up ways of expanding a project around a collection of tunes. Fortunately this particular album has a strong underlying concept so it was quite easy for us to extrapolate. I'm already psych'd up and thinking about the NEXT album and the music hasn't even started to take shape yet.

In addition to the 13 original tracks, I added 2 bonus tracks to the CD version of the release (can't get those anywhere else) and there are also club remixes by producers such as Elite Force and AMB with a few more in the pipeline who need to get finished! The remixes are only available digitally and exclusively though Beatport. We debated 12" vinyl for a long period, but it's just too damn risky.

And while mentioning Elite Force, the remix I recently completed for his classic "My Generation" track, is now released and available to buy. Search for Elite Force on http://www.beatport.com  and my remix is up there on the front page. The Elite Force release artwork is below:

That's as good a blog update as any ... back to the Canto-pop grind to get the mortgage paid off! I've often debated writing about my day-time work for the commercial music industry, but really, it would be about as interesting a read as someone describing their day at the office. Plus, some stories are better left un-written :)

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Djbam f8 djbam
can't wait
almost 16 years ago
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I'm incredibly lucky not to be working in a bank! Genres don't bother me ... there are some songs I enjoy working on less than others, but in the end I'm still working music. Does anyone really make a living doing what they want 100% of the time?! :)
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Jayfc 5d jayfc
and i thought you'd be too modest to plug the new release so i did it on your behalf... should've known better.. ; ) top stuff.. creativity vs. commerce? don't even get me started...
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