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HK ISPs are rubbish

I'm at my wits end. Having gone from one crap internet service provider to another ... just want to see if anyone else has managed to figure this out.

HKBN charge me $530 per month for (what is supposed to be) a synchronous 10Mb up & 10Mb down dedicated line. In the first week I got decent speeds (around 5Mb to 8Mb on any given day) but now that I've started paying the bills, our speed appears to be stuck between 1.0Mb and 1.5Mb ... unless you check on the HKBN sponsored bandwidth site and we get, oh magic, 8Mb both ways, clearly no problem ... I must be imagining these terrible FTP transfers and lousy net performance.

Customer support pretends to be "looking into the issue" but nothing has happened despite constant prodding & calls & e-mails for a almost a month. My previous experiences with Netvigator and iCable were no better by the way.

Does any goddam ISP in this city actually provide the service they advertise / charge for? I doubt it. Rant over, I feel better now :')

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yes... yes... yes...
almost 16 years ago
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ps - we stopped by the other night but you guys were not in!
almost 16 years ago
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Dial up is the future! :)
almost 16 years ago


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