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new music on Mysp*ce

apologise first for the off-site link, but there's a new track on my 'space page called next ... guess you could best describe it as 'industrial dub' ... anyway, so much for genres. it's distorted to fuck and dats how we roll :) due to the  delays with album production, it gave me an opportunity to add a couple extra bonus tracks, this being one of them. there are now 15 tracks on the album, making it close to 55 minutes long... much better! it was 47 minutes previously and that bugged me slightly.also note, that with the extra time we had, the digipackaging was completely re-done and now features cover-art photography courtesy of young local artist shann larsson. expect to see more work from her alongside my music in the future. actually, just expect to see lots more of her work everywhere... her output is diverse & pretty frenetic. I will update the music player on this page once the album promo is ready. most of the tracks will be free for the taking I expect.

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Sounds great Dan..... Love the way ya roll em!
almost 16 years ago
Djbam f8 djbam
album release warrants US tour.
almost 16 years ago


Arrive not Dead.

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