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Five Men I'd Volunteer to Create an Illicit Circulating Video

I rarely have anything juicy to say because censor myself so often because I'm worried to shit in my own backyard but I figure its safe to say who I wouldn't mind being caught having a sex video with. [Only because I don't think I'll ever meet any of these men in my lifetime.] I also hope I'll never have to meet these dudes because I don't ever want to reveal to them that I have an entry dedicated to their existence. Although I believe I'm only 2 degrees of separati...Read more

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Latte @ 8

latteHi Everyone,I'm invited as a guest on Latte at 8 - this Friday,October 10 at 11pm. This is Malaysia's version of the Tonight Show and located in a Starbucks instead. If you'd like to see me in action:, feel free to come to Sunway Pyramid's outdoor Starbucks and you can see me live! If not, please set your tv to channel 8 or Astro 708 this Friday to see me get interviewed by ...Read more

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Rumour Mill Control!

IMG_1029Me with the Miss Malaysia World 2008 girls - The winner is Soo Wincci on the far right!Its always easy to make accusations about a person when you dislike them. Recently, a colleague of mine suggested that my actions create perceptions for other people to create stories. I'm in the limelight now. I made it a conscious decision to sign up for the good, the bad and the ugly....Read more

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Shhh.. Genius at Play!

IMG_0933I'm finally back on track with CS3 along with Acrobat at my disposal... and its about time! I was starting to think staying up working on individual projects would not be enough... I finally have programs to bring them to life!! MUAHAHHAHA... fonts, motifs and content!Thank you to the wonderful Joo-bag who speedil...Read more

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Stuff Magazine

Stuff_0001Boys and Girls - my second milestone: having two covers in one month!I present to you my second cover, Stuff Magazine September 2008.I had a great time shooting this in the Phillips Showroom in one of the Saujana Villas. The entire team was so awesome from the photographer, Eric from Blink Photography to the very sexy clothes! Jayen, the stylist picked out incredibly sexy dresses ...Read more

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Fantastic Weekend to look forward to!

tunWith the current political havoc we've had in the past few weeks, racial slurs, lack of leadership and unrest, I thought I'd share with you a photo with Tun Mahathir, a great man who's given Malaysia plenty to boast. If you're unaware of this man, he's the former prime minister of Malaysia. It was taken on his birthday a couple months back!Other...Read more

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..not dead.

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britHEY FOLKS - If you've never seen me in action - Here are a few of them, u can see i'm slowly gaining confidence but I definitely have to work on it. My favourite ones are prob the last couple @ OK! Celebfest. I have a slutty bra that keeps peeking thru but maybe I should start wearing clothes that fit me.  EnjoyRead more

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Yo bitches---- I GOT COVER![IMG](/attachments/2008/09/217871_2008091514000153.jpg)sho-nuff.(I also bought a scanner, now i can show you what my 10-page spread looks like too!) FHM_1Read more

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IMG_0870The last nite before puasa. (fasting)I've had a fab weekend so far, spending time with friends and even more quality time with family members. I just recently checked out Solaris in Mont Kiara, not far from a few of my cousins and managed to rekindle some bonding time. Its really great being back here in Malaysia and having friends and family so accessible than before. In Canada, a...Read more

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