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Tuesdays are the best days to keep going and to keep moving! Dress by #karenmillenmy’s latest collection. @f3malaysia

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Some great moments captured when shooting Anak Merdeka last year. How are you celebrating Merdeka this year?

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Merdeka is just around the corner and this ensemble is just perfect! Congrats @flizzow for your collab with @fashionvaletcom! Love the pants! #joeflizzowxfashionvalet #1957

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Life is like one big kaleidoscope. Different perspectives bring different ideas. #museumofillusions

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This gem (circa 2003) popped up and reminded me when I worked with a group of photographers who needed a model and I was looking to update my Xanga with loads of pics. Who knew that taking chances like this would help prepare me for all the times I would be photographed. Any guesses where this was shot? #bereadyyesterday #throwback #vancity

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Standing front and centre while hundreds of eyeballs and phones are snapping away can be one’s worst nightmare. It wasn’t so long ago that I felt that way but now being comfortable with who I am and not trying to pretend to be something I’m not has allowed me to be more connected to my audience more than ever. For any job out there, you’re only as good as your last so why not let it be the greatest! Thanks Huff and Puff team for putting it all together! #ilovemyjob #ulyssenardin #freakmeout #suppagood

Finding the right outfit can be difficult when you’ve already exhausted your own wardrobe of dresses and gowns, thankfully we have options like @plushporter to save the day! Thank You! (📷: @allisamazing) #plushporter

Your humble host at last night’s Ulysse Nardin’s Freak Night! A little shimmer and shine from @rentadress_kl. #freakmeout #ulyssenardin

First time going with a slightly more dramatic gown with all the beautiful tulle! Thanks @plushporter for sorting a girl out and helping me look my best! Plus @lovelylock31 for setting this up for me- now that’s @suppagood support! #plushporter

Popped over to @anyahindmarch to pick up a cute heart clutch for @syomirizwagupta’s #klfw2018 show. #anyahindmarchmalaysia


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September 9, 2008