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Sarah Lian Is Suppagood https://t.co/C1dZaEo5vi

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Catch the full podcast on BFM Radio - The Business Station here: https://www.bfm.my/ent-hv-sarah-lian-is-suppagood.html

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Be the person you needed when you were younger. There has been a major shift in the things I’ve been wanting to say this year. Especially since my retreat in January, I’ve been much more sensitive to authenticity. When I think about my younger self, I think about how insecure she was trying to build her own self-esteem with popularity or trying to fit in by saving up for the new it-bag that she couldn’t afford. A lot of the things I do now, is about making a difference in people’s lives in a positive way whether it is women from Suppagood Talent or Supparetreat, I wil...Read more

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To listen the sound of waves crashing and feel the pulse of the island beat. Definitely missing the beach! #weekendvibes #saturdaze

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I love the kind of friendship that champions love and personal growth. They say it’s important to keep the right kind of friends who not only support you but want you to succeed. Those are the kind of friends you want to surround urself with. I remember sharing some of my achievements with a group of friends and they made me feel like I no longer belong. Then I started to realise that they weren’t happy for me, instead they just didn’t want me to share my wins because they hadn’t gotten it together yet. Not only did they start being mean, it also got competitive. Even...Read more

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Forgot to share this video- after my sweaty workout, I had a little nugget of wisdom to share about the idea on #powerofpossibility. SO to @jupuckett and Why The Foods! We all have mantras that we can learn from each other and I honestly think that sharing is the best way to connect with each other.

I always ask Why Not? When I embark in a new opportunity because I love new experiences and discovering myself in them. I think getting to core of who you are will give you a sense of your own happiness. What is your mantra you love by?

#findyourself #happ...Read more

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Donkey kicks as the sun began to set! Thank you @adreaabdullah for the opportunity to work with you (again)! I loved watching you hustle mama, it inspired me to do more! Can’t wait to see the program on @tv1rtm - #sihatholistik! Thanks crew! ❤️❤️❤️

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Putting on these gems and feeling like a million bucks! Congrats @bulgariofficial on a beautiful collection. Thanks for the invite @ferhatnazri @angelline! #fiorever #bvlgarimalaysia (?: @chrischew)

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RT @mattduss: Democrats forced to confront growing number of Democrats who see Palestinians as human beings with rights. https://t.co/gwJdV…

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Enjoyed my afternoon chatting with @whythefoods for an upcoming podcast about health, life and perspective. Can’t wait to hear it when it’s up! ❤️ #findyourself #bebrave #selfdicovery

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