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Lifer Friends


I wonder what it would be like to put my bffs in the same room.

Representing Vancouver, Toronto (temporarily New Orleans) and Kuala Lumpur.

No one gets me like they do!

I heart these ladies!

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My own anger management.


Lately a few people have commented on my body transformation and outlook. No doubt, my clothes which used to be bursting at the seams are now a little looser than I’d like. So I thought about the drive and motivation for my workouts and aside from the vanity answer that I give most people, it ...Read more

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Dunked for Charity

I guess being discreet about attending this weekend’s Sunburst Festival isn’t going to happen. I’ve been asked by the man himself, Razman of Pineapple Concerts to participate in this Celeb Charity Dunk where you have the opportunity to dunk local celebrities for proceds to Rumah Kids. Go get your tickets!!!

Nothing else exciting in my life - I’m covering Confessions of a Shopaholic tonight, definitely a different tone compared to the premiere of The International last night. I didn’t think the movie was particularly exciting but at...Read more

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Food for Thought

(New Straits Times: March 9, 2008)

So I managed to borrow my aunt’s car this afternoon for a grocery run. For groceries that would normally cost no more than CDN 60, it cost almost RM180. I didn’t buy anything extraordinary either (except for my Durian Cake, which I’ll gladly blog about late...Read more

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Inspiring Myself


(unfinished airbrushing technique before a shoot)

While I was at the mall getting my nails did, I was watching an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians… its one of those perfect trash tv shows that I sinfully enjoy! (Girls Next Door was my favourite) In this particular episode, Bruc...Read more

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Not feeling so hot?

Not feeling so cool either?

How about u get a dosage of Whatever? or Anything?

Hahhhaa.. at my shoot there were a few cans of these lying around and apparently they can be bought in Malaysia. I don’t know what it tastes like but i was told it could taste like a...Read more

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Video LINK - Be Transformed


Randommania: Be Transformed NIKE 

I was sore from an intensive 20-min workout for the launch of Nike’s Training Club campaign. We interview the peeps to figure out what this new phenomenon is about. Our ...Read more

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The Max at MaxMara Malaysia


I got an invite by mail to attend MaxMara’s Official Launch at Pavillion last week and was completely estatic because this is a great luxury fashion retailer! With a handful of other celebrities being invited, I was honoured to attend alongside Soong Ai Ling, Danielle Graham and Bern...Read more

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VIDEO - Coming Clean

OK. I have to confess, I was considering avoiding putting up these videos but I figure something is always better than nothing! Let me just set out my disclaimer - I did not have any part in writing the scrīpt nor did the producers. This was entirely a Whisper initiative for “Happy Periods” which of course is a great way to spin positivity to the menstrual cycle.

I was invited to speak in a forum with my co-stars about periods and it was the first time such a topic has been newsworthy! Oh well, I hope you enjoy these vids - a 3-p...Read more

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The Spirit of Singapore


(JoJo lost in her own town, FeiFei the expat-SPG / just kidding!)

Since I’ve been on this little island, the rain has definitely affected my moods… and its not like I see any sign of durian that can pull me out of my misery. Read more

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