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Five Men I'd Volunteer to Create an Illicit Circulating Video

I rarely have anything juicy to say because censor myself so often because I'm worried to shit in my own backyard but I figure its safe to say who I wouldn't mind being caught having a sex video with. [Only because I don't think I'll ever meet any of these men in my lifetime.] I also hope I'll never have to meet these dudes because I don't ever want to reveal to them that I have an entry dedicated to their existence. Although I believe I'm only 2 degrees of separation with a couple of them.It's a bit odd to write something like this and frankly it is rather embarassing because I get totally lunatic when I see them on tv/movies/dramas.Let's begin shall we?5.jamesfrancoJames Franco - sorry, ah. I had to slot a mat salleh/orang putih/ ang mo/ gwai lo in my Top 5. Needless to say, I will say that his presence in Spiderman has captured my heart. Even though he was a beautiful antagonist. Something about his sullen cheeks and his beautiful jawline has made me fall in love!!!4.vannesswuVanness Wu - I don't really know how i stumbled on his existence but there is a somewhat flamboyant nature about him that I find attractive. [you're not allowed to judge me on this one] His music is pretty good but I think its his body and his image thats kinda cool... yummy.3.kimsungsooKim Sung Soo - my ex-roommate Yvonne used to bust my balls about saying "OMG! He's So HOT!" every single time he entered the screen in the Korean drama - Full House. I love the way his face is so mesmerizing and the stoic CEO characters makes me wish I'll one day find some CEO to sweep me off my feet. [ this part you're allowed to judge]2.danielwuDaniel Wu - One of his first movies he starred in was a movie called City of Glass. My friend Andy used to sing its theme song to me before he moved to HK and pursue his singing career. Daniel played a son looking to find out more about his mom/dad and unlocked a romantic story of Hsu Chi and Leon Lai. Anyways, the dude has come a long way from that movie and is looking as FOOOIINNNEE as ever! YUMMY! He definitely takes a close second to my heart.1.danielhenneyDaniel Henney - gosh. If any man's smile can make me croon, it's got to be Daniel Henney. His amazing cheekbone to jawline structure has got me weak in the knees and every where else. [ask me to do the weather segment, now] I feel a parallel connection to him. I've lived in Canada for 17 years and for some reason it always felt like was just a sojourned stay. Coming to Malaysia was like coming home and finding a place here. In one of Daniel Henney's interviews - he mentioned how he felt when he first went to Korea. Even though it was foreign, he identified with the culture, the people and the life there. Aside from wanting to jump on him for the right reasons, this connection feels MORE right to add to my right reasons. I know I'll probably head back to Canada eventually...[aiming for the Olympics] but so far Malaysia is quite a good home for me!

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