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Fantastic Weekend to look forward to!

tunWith the current political havoc we've had in the past few weeks, racial slurs, lack of leadership and unrest, I thought I'd share with you a photo with Tun Mahathir, a great man who's given Malaysia plenty to boast. If you're unaware of this man, he's the former prime minister of Malaysia. It was taken on his birthday a couple months back!Other than that-I have to confess, this week has been rather slow for me, especially with my brother leaving to head back to Vancouver and not really doing much work because of this puasa month. Nonetheless, my Friday was definitely eventful starting right at noon with the phonecalls, meetings and all of the above.Last nite I had a fab time at this private party hanging out with my girlfriends and later on drinking champagne til the early morn. I managed to eat a Ramlee burger just before dozing off at my bff's rumah. Gonna be heading out tonight again for a bit of fun since my good ol' friend is back in town for a lil while! Sooooo excited! Pick up a copy of Stuff Magazine, its out, finally! 

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