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新年快乐 - Happy New Year!


Happy Year of the Ox!

This is a brand new year - since I’m chinese, I’m going to say that my year starts this Monday. Last year I hit so many highs and so many lows but hopefully it’ll all be about moving forward and going the distance!

These past couple weeks/days/nights h...Read more

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Dare to Dream


I’m staying up late for no reason, but its partially because I like to sleep on Pacific Time or even Eastern Time when I dont need to wake up so early. Instead I might as well share some inspiring quotes about dreams.  These have really spoken to me as I’ve been questioning a lot of things during what I call...Read more

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Launching Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Seed Collection at FRIM


(Tony Yusof, Akma, Dawn Jeremiah and I at FRIM) 

I had the opportunity to cover the launch of Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Seed Collection of Sandals at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, in Kepong. I know it’s a mouthful and it seems a little far, ...Read more

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Sultan Lounge

I’ve been really good about sticking to my diet and trying to get all the bad toxins out of my body. I don’t know well I’m going to do since I’m having a big family dinner tonight. Anyhow, I had a fab day yesterday with an awesome opportunity to conduct a 45min workshop called, SPEAK UP! It was for ...Read more

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Everything in Moderation

Dentyne Splash

Here’s a picture of me at the Dentyne Splash Water Futsal Tournament! 

So I guess I’ve been on this detoxing rampage and still waiting on my Juvanex from Tan - cuz he offered to help me detoxify. Even my dad says I’m toxic Read more

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Lanterns in the Sky

Pantai Chenang

Kuala Kedah

I didn’t exactly document my trip to ...Read more

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The local Ah Lian reppin the local music scene!

Another video for those who have nothing better to do than watch my Movie Maker skills progress! :)

This is a vid for Seven Collar T-Shirt ( www.myspace.com/scts) a local indie band in Malaysia with much similarity to Radiohead. They wanted to shoot something cool for their album and decided to put me on there!!! So in addition to the magazines and televis...Read more

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Levi’s Curves Launch

Levi’s Curves

I mentioned earlier that I had to attend an event this afternoon for Levi’s.

They recently launched their new line for women, called Levi’s Curves. I went to the flagship store in The Gardens to check out the fit of the jeans. It was a nice snug fit since I do have a bum and my gymming ...Read more

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Launching GuaTV at Youth 09

(Don’t mind me camwhoring with my American Boy)  Been getting restless recently -being sidetracked and thinking of other things to do with my life. I managed to spend time with my gf J. She’s a childhood friend of mine that I’ve had for ages! We get into our own zones but when we chill together its [...]

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New Look, New Home

I've officially moved to www.sarah-lian.com/blog to blog my nonsense....

CHECK IT OUT!Yes.. it's that time where I tell you that things are going to change..and it doesn't really mean for the better or worse, its just a change. The only thing that's constant, remember?

As for my dot.com site, you guys have seen lots of visual changes...

First it started with 2007's Hear Me Roar:

Read more

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