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Craddle Robbing on National Television

That's right folks! Doing my rounds with four young gentleman has probably been one of the highlights my show thus far. Aside from the other challenges in the show, hanging out on four different dates and getting to know my contestants on a one-on-one basis was rather fun! My co-host Hansen and I ended up dating our contestant while judging them on their confidence and creativity for each date. C'mon it's been a while since I've gone on a date with boys presenting me with flowers from the get-go and tell...Read more

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The Ultimate Prom Nite Finals

Have you guys been watching?? It’s really been an incredible experience watching the show and seeing how the editing has turned out. There was probably a huge chunk of raw footage with contestants, hosts and judges that never quite made it! Nonetheless, its been very entertaining and I’m glad to see that we’ve been getting [...]

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My Mother's Dream is not my Dream

"Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.” - Exodus 20:12 (New International Version) I got into a huge fight with my mom this evening, she was just heading to church and thought she'd give me a call and have a chat. It's one of those normal check-ups that she does and I practically limit her to once every fortnight. I know this makes me sound like a horrible daughter but truthfully, it hurts everytime I talk to her. Compared to l...Read more

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Merci Beaucoup Lancome et L’Oreal

Sending love back to those who have made us look gorgeous that night with Dawn Jeremiah The night started rainy with crazy traffic getting from my house to town in a beautiful Mini Cooper! Being in a car for over an hour would be quite horrible except for the fact that I was in good company, [...]

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Event Update

One of the new things I’ve learnt about this side of the world is the necessity to be seen in the scene. No wonder people are so quick to jump infront of the camera and take a group shot with other celeb friends. It has been a little difficult for me to adjust because I’m in a town where [...]

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Stupid Heads

IMG_1347The stupidest of the stupidest people in the whole wide world.

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BEGIN: Entertainment Interview Detail Video WebPart  by Izuan Shah13 Nov 2008

Getting to know FHM Malaysia’s Most Wanted should be a daunting prospect. She’s obviously hot and has her game on, and fellas might think that she eats guys for lunch. But on the other hand, she can talk pretty hard politics (US elections, Malaysian elections … she calls me on both), with her fame dreams of one day building libraries on every corner in the country, and likes nothing more than being...Read more

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Loosen Up my Buttons, baby!

sarah2-copy Do you think you could see me in a beauty campaign?sarah4 copyHere's a shot that I had lots of fun with last night! Kind ...Read more

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Links and Things, Bits and Bobs

I was trying to link up the first episode of the Ultimate Prom Nite, but let me try again with more patience tomorrow!I'm now starting to get pictures and images of the Bebe Launch at 1U from last week and I must say, the images are quite hilarious! I'll be MCing yet another gig at TANGS+co this Friday in Pavillion. Some major discounts in tow! Recently did a couple interviews with a couple magazines, so I'm really excited to see how the images and answers turn out next month. Hopefully it'll be padding my resu...Read more

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The Ultimate Prom Nite 2 Premieres!

UPNadHey guys, I know its in the same time slot as The Amazing Race Asia Season 3. But hopefully you'll at least tune in to watch me in a very competitive time slot. In this first episode, we talk about the roadshow and rounding up the potential candidates for his reality competition. There are some really adorable people here!I'm co-hosting the program with Bre...Read more

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