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IMG_0870The last nite before puasa. (fasting)I've had a fab weekend so far, spending time with friends and even more quality time with family members. I just recently checked out Solaris in Mont Kiara, not far from a few of my cousins and managed to rekindle some bonding time. Its really great being back here in Malaysia and having friends and family so accessible than before. In Canada, at most I had my immediate family, but even then, my 5 years in Toronto kept me away from most of my family... which is why some friends became so close that I often thought of them as family. Without a doubt, my bestest Mel.I think about the good ol' days when my cousins and I were barely teens - playing around in Ampang and going to the same school - Garden. As time has passed, we've all moved on and most of them with their families. I was just out with them chugging back a few beers and making sure that all of us were doing alright. I've kept up a lively social scene around me, whether in Toronto or KL or London or NY. Nonetheless, there is always an expiry date for this type of lifestyle. Hopefully I'll end my career on a high note and meet my Mr. Right. Hopefully no more assholes telling me how to look or how to act... and more importantly, someone that will be the yin to my yang. As for now, just spending quality time with friends and family before we all become selfish and self-absorbed in our own world with our own families! :) 

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