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Bye, Bye T

(New Years’ on Chenang Beach in Pulau Langkawi) My life is totally a work in progress. I’m starting to write blogs on this one now.. I need to wean myself off Xanga for the sake of holding up my dotcom site and all the silly attachments that come out of it. I usually like to clump in all [...]

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When asked about shaving...

Taken from a Youtube user - garylcj who caught a snippet of my conversation with MC Liang at the Ms. Veet Standout Challenge 2009. I was asked to participate as a Celebrity Judge alongside a few others on the panel. Hilarious clip!

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My "Would Be Nice" Box

3143991779_9b3c2d5f3b_o I think I've gone totally nutters this year.Its my second time breaking down lamenting my year-end blues. I really tried hard not to think about it but I can't help it. I'm just gonna say it right now. My Christmas sucked. I was alone. Hungry and alone on Christmas Eve as I sa...Read more

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So I'm walking to my friend's hotel room to meet up for lunch and the first thing he says to me: WTF ARE U WEARING?I looked at myself in the mirror and thought the exact same thing. Its really embarassing. I have no decent fall clothing. Most of it was shipped to Vancouver when I weathered my own storm in Toronto. I want to come back and explore the city more and part of the reason why I haven't while i'm here has been because its slightly chilly for my liking. I love Malaysian weather, even under the hot hot sun. I absolutely ...Read more

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Hey everyone!I've sorta been on a hiatus due to the crap service from Telekom Malaysia who refuses to connect us with a working land line and an internet signal. I recently watched an episode of South Park (season 12) where town has no internet and has to try to go to californee for internet. I can't believe how dependant I am of it!Anyways, every year i have the Christmas blues and this year I'm trying to change my habits and fly off to change up the scene! I'm going to HK! That's right folks!! Good Ol' Hong Kong to ma...Read more

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You’re a N00B.

Here’s a vid for 8TV’s December Newbies Promo for the rest of the month.

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A Clive Story

ClivedecFinally!! UBER-excited about the Clive Cover for December!Rounding off the year, I get to rock a cover that I shot for the first time in Malaysia. I was quite nervous on the day of the shoot because it was practically my first photoshoot without Sai reminding me to wake Freddy up and etc. But I'm really happy with the pictures and even more happy with the article!Editor Robert C ...Read more

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Counting my beans...

Before ZoukOut with my stupid heads @ Suburbia Restaurant  After being ZoukedOut with my stupid heads @ Changi AirportI've been in and out of Singapore for good wholesome fun - a nice catch up session with my fav Vancouver girls (who are now based down South). I didn't get much time to myself because I've been busy with entertaining folks and living it up. I'm in my room and its already 3:...Read more

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My December

This is the last month - a year in review is much too cliche but I will probably have something come out in January about my YEAR IN REVIEW. If fashion school has taught me anything, its the power of PDF. Working on my publication has been a real chore but since I no longer [...]

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MIFW - Malaysian International Fashion Week

So it’s December now. The last month of the year and definitely a quieter morning than I’m used to. This past week was Malaysia’s Fashion Week (November 26-29) and I had the opportunity to do a little walk with my bestie Azura in Melium’s Housewarming Party held at The Gardens. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time [...]

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