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Rumour Mill Control!

IMG_1029Me with the Miss Malaysia World 2008 girls - The winner is Soo Wincci on the far right!Its always easy to make accusations about a person when you dislike them. Recently, a colleague of mine suggested that my actions create perceptions for other people to create stories. I'm in the limelight now. I made it a conscious decision to sign up for the good, the bad and the ugly.Rumours are ugly. They're even uglier when they're totally untrue.1. I totally acknowledge that I play a sexxed up character as Fanny Golightly on The Gua Centre. However, I believe it is important to stay true to a character and not half-ass the job cuz I think people are going to judge me for it. I AM NOT FANNY GOLIGHTLY. Even though I like to poke fun of myself and make silly little comments around friends. I don't walk around town talking about how HARD an object is or how WET it will be tomorrow...its a friggin character people!2. I do not claim to have any mixed parentage unless you consider a KL/PERAK mix-exotic. I'm 100% Chinese and perhaps some Baba Nyonya-ness on my father's maternal side. Although I will admit, I told some dude in Montreal that I was half Portugese and half Chinese for kicks.3. I have been making waves in the industry because I have worked hard. Since day 1 - [the day after leaving Vancouver] I have made my intentions clear as to what I want to accomplish in the industry. So please don't think I've slept my way to the top because frankly, I'd be so damn tired and I dont think I'd be able to keep up with my shooting schedule-for all the men I'd have to get thru.4. I am not attached with any dude currently. If I were, I'd get either bored or annoyed by the 3wk mark and tell think its become a waste of time. I'm out and about with good friends [who are mostly guys] and have put off dating until the next year. It is a great challenge for myself and one that I intend to stick with! So that means, I'm not interested in being set up with anyone or care to meet new friends who want to get to know me. If i'm out with a co-host or a fellow actor, there is nothing going on. So no need to speculate.5. These comments are true: I still walk around town without my make up. I wear too much make-up when I go out. I photoshop my pictures to make myself feel better. I don't think I'm prettier, sexier or hotter than chicks in the industry right now, but I know I have my own thing going on. Don't be pissed if I think I'm just sexy as f*ck.For all the haters who have a problem with me, here's the ammo for your perusal. I just want to be clear. So no one gets the wrong idea of who I am. I'm clearly not an angel and never have I tried to prove that I was. I'm just doing my work and that should be the most important thing in my life right now. 

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