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Shhh.. Genius at Play!

IMG_0933I'm finally back on track with CS3 along with Acrobat at my disposal... and its about time! I was starting to think staying up working on individual projects would not be enough... I finally have programs to bring them to life!! MUAHAHHAHA... fonts, motifs and content!Thank you to the wonderful Joo-bag who speedily couriered the CD from the concrete of Toronto to the foothills of Kuala Lumpur. (See u get the mention since it did require effort!)I just started watching this series with my buddy - MI-5 the 5th Season and its quite awesome without the unecessary drama that 24 has... its from BBC so the English wit and humour takes bit of getting used to. Sometimes I'm really thankful that I dont have to work a 9-5 job. But a few summers ago working at the Fashion company did prove to me that I have diligence and dedication to sit on the subway and then transfer to take a bus to work. Stress and responsibility was such a major factor not to mention money, as a huge diving force!Trying to see if I get a certain commercial that I auditioned for, cuz it would be a HUGE HUGE HUGE payoff!!! It's been a steady battle trying to pay off my student loan with my Malaysian currency. A joke really, since I have to work 3.2x as hard if I were to have a job in Toronto/Vancouver. Hopefully our currency will increase [doubt it] or the Loonie will weaken [sorry guys] to help me alleviate my situation.Thank God I don't own a credit card here. I would seriously be digging my hole of eternal debt repayment for life!Happy Mooncake Festival Day! I ate a very delicious Mandarin Oriental Snow Skin Durian Mooncake yesterday, and it was definitely better than the Tai Thong brand. Slightly on the smaller side, but still scrumpdidlyumptious!

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