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I'll attend an opening of an envelope!

Picture 012[at the Whisper Forum - NicoleKiss, me, Sharmila, Lizzie, Dawn Jeremiah ]OK.... so the MCing thing isn't so bad as long as I read my scrīpt a million times before I go out, just in case I get nervous. One of the skills that people need to be equipped with, is working a crowd and creating...Read more

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Halloween Snore - Elephant Madness

  IMG_1250It was a true disappointment - or perhaps I just wasn't happening enough to party it up at the best places, seeing that a couple of parties I hit, was a snoozefest. So upset seeing that Halloween is really my favourite holiday of the year. I guess being in Malaysia means I have to find a new holiday!Despite being let down, it was made up by a 2hr drive to K...Read more

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Happy Deepavali!

IMG_1024unleash4aAnother holiday rolls by. I'm glad I have a nice day to rest. My personal trainer worked me hard yesterday for 2 hours. Its e...Read more

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Mui going fetish?

IMG00036IMG00034Shot with my webcam just before heading out!So I looked like a complete fool... and it could be a Halloween Spoiler since I gave this outfit a trial run. Anyways, like i said, this was an attempt of looking like those ...Read more

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Having Double Vision?

IMG_0870Looks like I can't seem to get away from my arch-nemesis.Work and Play. Hard and Harder!Will be dressing up in my Halloween Preview Party in a friend's Yearbook Party. I've spent so many hours in Berjaya Times Square at the iSocks store trying to find the perfect outfit for tomorrow...i'm the Gothic Schoolgirl. Missed out on Quattro tonite because I was extrem...Read more

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Mansions on HGTV

Hey Everyone - hope you've managed to tune in on HGTV's Mansions! I filmed it last year summer and glad to see that it has hit the silver screen now! Paul Miklas is one of the nicest dudes I know and builds such beautiful houses in Toronto! I saw most of his stuff as a work-in-progress but even at that stage, you could see how opulent they were. Then again a few houses I've been to in Malaysia do equate to such grandeur!The best part about shooting this show was t...Read more

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Happy Gobble-Gobble Canucks!

Thanksgiving 2006 001Thanksgiving 2006 015Hope everyone is enjoying their turkey with gravy, mash potatoes, stuffing and some nice grilled veggies on the side! Not to forget, the yummiest of all, pumpkin pie! Here are a coupl...Read more

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My relationship made public!


My Bestie and I waiting for our turn to wakeboard at Carasol.

I've been outed!Yesterday, The Star Newspaper announced - " Lian falling in love with KL" in their Metro section. It's true! My 9-month relationship with this c...Read more

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Interview on Latte@8

Latte@8 Interview ClipAside from my non-stop giggles, I had a fun interview with Jason! I'm glad that he didnt' focus too much on my FHM or Fanny Golightly. I felt like people got to see a real side of me! Enjoy this clip!

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Restless in my Room

bed copyPICTURE POST MORE AFTER THE JUMP!I was entertaining a phonecall last nite from a friend currently in Korea. For some reason, I had a random cam-whore moment! There is this great custom setting on my Canon which can control the number of shots upon 1 click. My setting is always 6 sec delay 5x. So it works like a photobooth!I thought I'd add some other pictur...Read more

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