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My poetry


I kissed u in the still of the dark,pitch black.

My eyes dilated,the image of u clearly imprinted

Embedded into my memory bank

Your hands were huge,and flushing red

As I felt the colour blot into my eagle vision

Cajoling me with their warmth,life giving source.

I blinked.

I said nothing nor did u

While our eyes locked intensely and

Silence became a boisterous uproar

I suddenly found myself half elevated

While U effortlessly lifted me off the ground

Like a vulnerable infant with dangling feet

Onto your own.

I froze.

We waltzed,or rather U led fluidly

While my soul evaporated unwittingly

Into the essence of your burning gaze

I became a vanishing trace of two eyeballs

Imprisoned slightly by your unwavering dominance

Consumed by that deafening slience and all of u

I trembled.

And then I heard the palpitations of my heart

Loud,even more overwhelming than the scream of silence

And I shook like a leaf,while the clock chimmed ominously

I felt suddenly aware the return of my physical senses

I thought I was gelled on your feet

Until I found my being spiralling backwards

Furiously,uncontrollably leaving the safety of your embrace

I panicked.

I saw the abyss of your two huge eyes

Swollen with sorrow and glistened tears

While i floated and U too flitted slowly

Drawing huge breadths between our proximity

Soon the menacing arrival of that huge bulbous sun

Would blind my half already blurry vision until

I blinked no more but just kept my eyes wide shut

And then fear gripped me like two scalding tongs

I whimpered.

Sunrise announced its prominent arrival

And U became reduced to an extinguished flame

U became a vanishing trace of two eyeballs

While the undistinguishable shape of your presence

Became an amalgamation of your evaporated being

I watched in dismay and locked u in one final blazened gaze

Our eyes closed,I kissed U in the dark

The image of u clearly imprinted,familiar.

I blinked.

And U were not there.

For my buddies Ian and Geri.

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