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My poetry


Alone in the dark i wrote

Notes that said naught

About life and a cup

Half full I say,

Of sacrilegious poison


Murder she wrote,

Treason confounds me.

Do it Do it Do it

The voices rage,the die cast

I am your bleating lamb

Yesterday,today and nevermore.

Fear is a faithless tool

For the weary,heavyhearted

A toast to your worthless legacy

They fill my blood with a chalice

And cry Serafin and Cherubim

Like Capote, In Cold Blood.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Lies a silver lining

A noose in disguise

Where William Wallace fought

His guts they straightened neat

Integrity was his greatest fiend.

Wouldst they fight Sun Tzu's war

Or heeded Machiavelli that Prince?

Yet righteously,did the saints march

Crying Freedom, Faith and Honor

Like Joan of Arc,martyr now

Witch,heretic and insane once.

A masquerade this is

Survival of the fittest none the least

Be a serpent or an innocent flower

Or both it is together

Is this Nature or Nurture

Or a taming of my shrew?

A lion without claws I am

But a lion neverthless roars

The sleeper wakes a hundred years

Charged,refreshed and agille

Come then,all your wicked spears

I thrust them to the Lord.

He heaps burning coals on my nemesis

Their heads burn,their masks tear

I see u and u see me

Even Lucifer calls upon His name

I see your horns there angel

Fallen like the masks u held.

For 瀟導 and his encouraging words of wisdom that enlightened me.

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