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noncommittal ponderings of a weary esoteric mind

i wonder why i am not a pisces or gemini?

could it be?

could this possibly be hinting at a future where

the dueling

will finally meet its welcome demise?



that's a good one.

and they say i am unfit to be a comedian.

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my truth reiterated


is fleeting.

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good morning world!

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a tree falls but nobody is there to witness: a second excerpt with ending reinserted but subject to wanton change

you again

is it true what they say about

red strings?

you are never around

yet always close by

you are in my thoughts

whenever I face difficulties

whenever I fall

you coerce me into being stronger than I really am

yet you keep me here

in the darkness

always wishing for light

i hate you

yet love you at the same time

until everything I fe...Read more

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a meek foretelling of my side of the story's end: excerpt from "i won't fly away confessional series"

and now you

you saunter in

while i was still in hiding

trying to heal

trying to find direction

you serenade me with the hope and sincerity of the holidays

and make me laugh out loud

exposing me

and all the happiness i had quietly hoped for

yet never admitted to

you turn my head

while lingering in the shadows

seemingly intentionless

yet yo...Read more

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harmless desires?

all she wants is for me to be rich and famous

for her to have something to be proud of

for her to have something to brag to her friends about

and continue living happily in denial

all he wants is for me to give up my life

mute my dreams and passions

get my head out of the clouds

and put my heart into becoming a flawless person

all she wants is for me to achieve greatness

to show that tragedies won't hold us down

to show that we ARE worth something

ev...Read more

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my dad is my dad.

most of the time he's just a normal guy. his english skills, though extremely proficient, embarass me at times with words like 'super' pronounced 'shu-pa' or 'ecosystem' pronounced 'ek-oh-system' although my embarassment is moreso a sedated irritation which quickly morphs into an affectionately amused smile. sometimes i begin to suspect that he does it on purpose just to be entertaining (he IS quite generous like that) but i shake it off realizing that his intentions have never been anything ...Read more

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the time is now.

i wrote these song lyrics as an attempt to understand how my mother felt and slowly by the chorus it unknowingly morphed into my own words..

verse 1 I loved you deep Gave everything Now there's nothing left at all I wanted you In your entirety Call it love, or call it greed Guess it doesn't really matter anymore

prechorus Please just Tell me what all this is for Sweet love Then why am I still wanting more? Can you Take me far away from here to find my dreams?

chorus Screaming out your name into the sky Many th...Read more

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alone in the big city.

standing on a crowded bus. crying my eyes out. maybe i don't belong in taiwan. i'm doing something that i absolutely love to do here. but then the most important part of my life retrogresses. the whole reason for writing songs and pursuing a singing career is to heal this wound that i've been carrying since middle school. but i'm starting to find that my happiness here doesn't right any wrongs for anyone else and hence can't fix the real problem. i mean i love music. but music doesn't mean a thing if i don&#...Read more

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unrequested letter of consent and hesitant self approval

you've changed.

i don't know you anymore.

please don't get me wrong..

it's not like i'm not


for you

but i'm also worried

that out of nowhere

depression will rear its ugly head again

and shatter your newfound contentment

or that suddenly you'll realize that

all this

isn't what you really wanted

call me pessimistic if you will

and it's okay if we contin...Read more

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