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harmless desires?

all she wants is for me to be rich and famous

for her to have something to be proud of

for her to have something to brag to her friends about

and continue living happily in denial

all he wants is for me to give up my life

mute my dreams and passions

get my head out of the clouds

and put my heart into becoming a flawless person

all she wants is for me to achieve greatness

to show that tragedies won't hold us down

to show that we ARE worth something

even if we were abandoned

all he wants is to maintain his hectic life

to find his own path to trod

and for me to be happy

all they want is a chance to make it

even if it means losing my morals

and identity

all he wants is nothing from me

just for me to laugh

all she wants is acceptance and understanding

and for me to somehow make up for all those years of suffering

all she wants is for me to be the kind of attentive friend that she is to me

all he wants is to figure out what he is doing with his life

and why i am there in his thoughts

all he wanted was to use me

all they want is a glimpse into a different life

something they haven't experienced before

all they want is for me to make up for his mistakes

for me to be successful in his name

all she wants is companionship

to right all those years of solitude

all he wants is for me to say yes

all he wants is to be related to a famous person

so that he can be popular

because being popular is everything

all she wanted was a role model

and a best friend

all he wanted was another notch on his belt

all she wanted was his love

and for me to go away

all he wants is to make up for his own mistakes

and for me to offer more than my forgiveness

all he wanted was to live the ideal American life

even if i was unwilling to take part

all she wants if for me to settle down

so that she can stop worrying about me living my entire life alone

(God forbid)

all they wanted was the daughter they never had

all he wants is closure

all i want is for everyone to be happy

i try to be more understanding

i try to protect you

comfort you

but i just can't help it

these dreams won't go away

no matter how hard i try to forget them

all i wanted was to feel like i'm living

not like a robot

just doing something because i'm supposed to

and maybe one day

stop wandering

and instead of fitting everywhere

actually feel like i belong


the sky is gray today..

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