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i woke up in a different city

chirping birds beckon

the sunrise

as i sit here

licking my wounds

and reading your words with more affection

than you had ever intended

to believe in feathers

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second chances

small doses

of what could have been

if my world hadn't fallen apart

that's what you've given me

with you i don't have to pretend that

i'm okay

i can grieve openly

and even allow myself to

let go

of the past for brief moments

and genuinely laugh

an uncalculated laugh

you've given me more than you think

more than just funny stories to keep me smiling


flowers on a monday

you woke me

as...Read more

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i finally saw the sign

it came so


but the moment those words

escaped your sly smile

i knew

it hurts to foresee the end

giving away a part of you


it will never come back

but i had promised myself

this time

i would be brave

so goodbye

i'll say it now

for later it will be

utterly unbearable

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the night's encounter making way for excessive cynicism to counteract what i fear is to come: an inconclusive analysis

i saw that familiar face

for the first time

and i realized

that i am still hoping


for something beyond practical

and thus the inner battle


for another season in this everchanging story

i'm forced to act in

(for my own benefit i know)

his face

holds me where i stand

keeps me lingering around

without word...Read more

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my own prayer

the people i have been

the places i have acclimated to

i would wish to retire to

the old me again

but i really don't know who that is anymore

how did we end up here?

i had imagined something

so different

am i the only one who remains

dwelling in the past

and what could have been?

you all seem


with the editted version

of our story

as if you hadn't noticed

that my character had been


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"happy birthday" i scream from my side of the line

one day away

and another year i am away from you

all i really have to offer

admist the intolerable memories

and burgeoning pile of regret

are my meager apologies

i'm sorry for everything..

especially for

time lost

even if this is what is supposed to happen

at least allow me to wish you

all the happiness that you couldn't feel

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and she sang ..

here again?

who knew i was walking in circles

well i had suspected

but to be honest

i was rather enjoying your company

regardless of your intentions

i liked the way your eyes danced around


with promises of mischief

though i've come to find that

they were about as noble as

your intentions


i take another sip from my sympathetic coffee mug

as norah beckons me to another place and time

when i had the le...Read more

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it's official. grace has gone psycho sitting on her little ledge by the window of her 8th floor apartment.

scene: grace sits there in her kabuki style room. her favorite room. perched on the ledge that presents to her the dreary expanse of taiwan. in the complete darkness of the room, she stares out into even more sad, depressing darkness. seemingly silent yet the earphones gracing her head (ha.ha i thought that was funny. oh where did my humour go? save me from myself) are steathily flooding grace with confusing memories of her years gone by documented ...Read more

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pwned; the replacement mantra to willingly continue the chastising effects of last week's overindulgence


tomorrow i will eat. promise.

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it's a sedated feeling, very small and insignificant, but it's mine.

it's amazing how different the world can seem

yet this whole time it hasn't changed at all

the only thing that's changed is my mind

as it is slowly

very slowly

unlocking itself

as if it were its own entity

wishing to find its way

into the light

and me


i am simply a bystander

quietly appreciative to be here

right here

at this moment

witnessing such ph...Read more

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