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the start of everything terrifying yet wonderful.

to daftly avoid detail and hence mushiness, i wrote the following short story. the original purpose was to record a certain, moreso depressive measure of feelings that consumed me for quite a lengthy period, from which i developed my unyielding love for music and life.


You've always had a great love for the sky.

Even before you came into this world and knew that there existed such a thing,

you loved it with every ounce of you.

The sky, it moved you in such...Read more

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a relapse into darker territories.

i'm not too certain why i'm overly obsessed with analyzing my past. i just keep writing and writing.. from narratives to poems to editorials, monologues, songs.. even rap [don't laugh]. each time i write i feel like i'm trying to right a wrong. and i figure eventually after forcing myself to relive my problems over and over again.. that maybe somehow it will all make perfect sense whereby i will let go of it all..

and just be me again.

i know that the entirety of my disorientation can't b...Read more

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hesitant prologue.

if i wrote about my life would you care?

if i set everything inside of me free,

would you even bother listening?

my life isn't entertaining,

it isn't a movie.

but it's real.

it's mine.

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present: a common day's inner monologue set at late evening before i give in to troubled sleep.

day by day i am constantly reminded how fragile my state is.

mornings are good to me. there's just something about that soft, warm morning sun that revives my damaged morale.

but by nightfall the same reality hits me deep.

it won't ever feel the same again. being home. being comfortable. being purely and simply happy.. when it was just my family and i. in this whole expansive universe that surrounds us, i once was happy in my li...Read more

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