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Lord Give Me Strength...

It's very rare for me to experience a "Lord give me strength" moment..

Yet here I am.

I feel like I've been through a lot in my life. I definitely understand that there are people out there with even more complicated lives..




"You know.. yeah I should just suck it up," she says as she puts on her I-coerce-myself-to-have-patience smile.

Another day in the trenches it is. Read more

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manatees are like huge puppy dogs~

this is from crystal river, florida

the manatee is a young one and pretty tiny compared to the grownups

but it was so playful.. aiya i wanted to take it home with me hahah <3  

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Friday, December 28, 2007

HappyNew Year Everyone! As some of you may know, my little brother Brian opted to skip his full engineering scholarship, to dance.  Yes he's a dancer. And he's a lead performer Read more

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come closer mr. squishee

i see these rotund, dopey looking guys

like the sidekick in kungfu hustle

or the retired charity santa stationed outside the safeway off route 29

the ones with the awkward grins

and transparently tender hearts

the ones that could easily squash furry woodland creatures

with a single plump pinky

but haven't the capability to fathom such an act

the ones that waddle on by

with their eyes downcast


i'm addicted

i want to do more than...Read more

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nagging thoughts relieved


i am an anomaly in your life

not an indication of progress

marking each step

each struggle

to reach an improved today

i came here

by my own good grace

it was a conscious choice

in faith that you would recognize

just what was put into your hands

i am not one for a pretentious raising of the nose

nor do i approve of neglectful tendencies

so treat me as you will

it is your right

as it is my right

to come a...Read more

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message from above?

i came home yesterday


and alone

automatically i reached for the play button

to beckon soul-searching melodies out to keep me company

it's a bad habit i know

in essence it's picking off the scabs

to see that familiar flow of blood

which in turn stirs tears

in pity of the wounds

i fell asleep in a fetal position

staring at a blank screen

i woke up at 5am

barely staving off the flood of memories

then 7am

s...Read more

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the beauty of you

stop this rush there is no race to happinessnor validity in feeling genuine through tearsbeing on top of the worldhas left me forlornso now i will come down to sit with youwe all make mistakes baby we dotrying to place colors in a grayscale masterpiecebut at least we're trying aren't we?

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a fall from my lofty blue skies..

the worst is waking up in the middle of the night

and realizing all over again

that you're gone

and that even in dreams

i'm trying so hard to hold on to

something that's already


damn these slew of wounds

that negate the happiness you brought to me

i want to remember us

without tears

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the ultimate

the sky will come crashing

thousands will fall

will it take that much

to move you?

faith is needed

in this hour of examination

wake up

wake up

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i felt it

each heart beat

deep in thought

aware of its own significance

and the significance of the moment

i felt it

the muted sunlight

so subtle

as to almost render the scene

a sepia hue

i felt it

each word he sang

while struggling to face its blatant truth

with maturity

and dry eyes

the moment was unfeigned

i can't deny it

and i'll store it away

with the other precious few

that define my...Read more

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