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life is not all fun and games.

so true.

companionship does not suffice a healthy relationship.

there it's been said.

help me make this work.


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i let the sun blind my eyes..

enter the sunlight

and the mourning sea

its existence merely a teardrop

in this vast universe

and i

just a beating heart

and these spaceman headphones

that bring me consolation

for i am grieving

i knew it

not out of fear

nor from my caustic cynicism

i knew it because ive learned to let go

and it is without attachments

or intentions when one is allowed

to see

and i saw

inevitable demise

i...Read more

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an elegy for the romance i had hoped for;

fading stars

your life has been so dark

i see it in your eyes

i know

i can't blame who you are

a tragedy unveiled

but i can't help but love you

why is love blind?

how can i live my life this way?

i sit and cry everyday

cause you don't see it

look to the stars

right when they are fading

that's when i'll be praying

with all my heart for you

you wanted more

yeah you wanted s...Read more

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describe your life in one word

de·tached (adj)

marked by an absence of emotional involvement and an aloof, impersonal objectivity.

(syn) indifferent, uncommitted, unconcerned

(ant) attached, compassionate, interested

they were



like when she said goodbye

like when he asked me to leave them

like when he had to look out for his best interests

like when she said she had no choice

like when my tears didn't matter anymore

like when he made this all c...Read more

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an irrational plea

dear God,

i know i'm not supposed to ask for anything, that i must learn to accept my life, however it may be. forgive me. forgive me for asking something of You. it's my weakness i know. but please hear me out.. this one time..

please don't let this be the last time i see her. i don't know why but i'm getting that feeling again, when i'm about to lose someone.. like before my mom left..

and i am frightened.

pleasepleaseplease don't let it be now. i know i must learn to accept i...Read more

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goodbye confessional series, part 80: i refuse to say goodbye

you taught me about my own life

my life that extends beyond my birth

past my parents' conflicting existences

beyond these shores

through war




to an innocent little village girl

that sacrificed everything

for us to live

why must you hate me?

just because i remind you of her?

don't cry

this won't be the last time we meet

promise me it won't be

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goodbye confessional series, part 3: failed self alleviation

i don't even want to face you

i can't think right now

you're probably loathing me at this very instant

you're probably grieving

i'd like to think that you're relieved..

i'm just fooling myself i know

maybe it's just not meant to be

couldn't you understand that?


don't be disappointed with me too

you're all i have left..

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goodbye confessional series, part 2: my heart hurts, could i possibly be able to request a time out from this continued torture? even just for a day..

you're disappointed with me

you try to say that

things are better this way

but i can tell

you wanted more for me

because you couldn't experience it for yourself

you tried

you left us

you were disappointed

and now i'm making you feel it all over again

i'm sorry

why don't i ever know

how to make yo...Read more

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goodbye confessional series, part 1: you think i bow my head from humility but it's really to hide my tears..

you are worried about me

you want me to come back to a





okay i admit i added the boring in there

you want to have total control

it's because you don't trust me

i guess

i don't blame you

i have strayed rather far

from everything

my eyes could only see

my dreams

i'm awake now.

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a perfect goodbye

i wrote this while jogging in the rain i was trying to keep myself from thinking but instead this song sprung forth all on its own..you inspired this song but you'll never know itstaring at the city lights searching for a compromise in my heart though i know my plight

i was real you were disguised you played your games and made me cry let's just leave it at that it's fine

just walk away this time there's no more to say that could make it alright underneath it all is a decent guy i know it

did you fina...Read more

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