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stars crash down

everything is tearing at the seamsand i don't know whythe longer that you hesitatethe harder i tryto grasp the world in my handsand keep it from slipping awaydon't go yetstayno you don't fool mei know things they will get betterhold me just hold mewe'll make it through the stormy weatherand the light revealsthe love in your eyespardon if i stealthis moment in timeand the stars crash down for youdown down down downi can't tell youwhere we are going towe're running too fastregretting all the time we losenothing could ev...Read more

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farewell by sea

i say a prayer

as you sail away

though i don't believe

it will change our fates

trying to be strong

as the rain comes down

i knew all along

this would end

and i hope you find your way home

that you never feel


and the waves crash down

a mounting crescendo

saying, "it's time now

to let go"

the love we found

fades with the sunlight

i stifle my cries

into the ground

without...Read more

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just fly

no possessionsno achievementsnor disappointmentsto weigh me downthe purest heart isunburdenedit's where salvationcan be found

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my heart can't beat without..

so concludes 2 weeks worth of my life

invested in a greater purpose

the only better feeling out there

is writing a new song :)

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a future remiss

to will my hatred of your selfishness


it all stems from me

how am i to stop being sentimental

in exchange for a more magnanimous


you've finally turned towards the


it's all that i had fought you for

yet in this story i find

i've been abruptly written out


to return to our original peace

where all i had to battle

was the melancholy

of losing you

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if only..

it's dangerous to allow my mind to wander

i'd only think of.. you

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where have all the flowers gone?

attempted nostalgia

of the bittersweet undertones

that have carried me to a muted today

the years of heartache

of recycled moments

painful playback to remind me

of your capacity to not care

even you can fade away

a true testament to

my resilience

or perhaps just the weakening

of my poor abused brain muscles

is it a surprise that i vote for

the former?

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when the moment comes

you will be

where you have always been

to me

and the world

will finally open their eyes

to a truth

we've always held in our hands

the air itself

will part

to take you back to paradise

where you will look after

the people you belong to

and i will be here

with no sadness in my heart

for i am singing my goodbyes

each passing day

by and by

i am letting you go

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like the wind

i feel like i stepped out of the

mad rush

of human progression

a long time ago

and as i watch people pass by

i want to scream to themthere's more to life than this

life couldn't be this beautifulif it were just meant for everyday struggleand what does God think

while he watches over us?

as we make our mistakes

trying to find the right way


not even trying..like the wind (folk-acoustic guitar song)

you don't know where you're ...Read more

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i am.

song by neil diamondaka what grace will end up singing softly to herself over the summertime[hawaii]'s fine

the sun shines

most of the time

and the feeling is laid back

palm trees grow

and rents are low

but you know i've been thinking about

making my way back

i'm [maryland] born and raised

but nowadays

i'm lost between two shores

[hawaii]'s fine but it ain't home

[maryland's] home but it ain't mine

no morei ami saidRead more

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