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the time is now.

i wrote these song lyrics as an attempt to understand how my mother felt and slowly by the chorus it unknowingly morphed into my own words..

verse 1 I loved you deep Gave everything Now there's nothing left at all I wanted you In your entirety Call it love, or call it greed Guess it doesn't really matter anymore

prechorus Please just Tell me what all this is for Sweet love Then why am I still wanting more? Can you Take me far away from here to find my dreams?

chorus Screaming out your name into the sky Many things I'll never know the reason why How long have I yearned to soar into the clouds? Baby if you love me let me fly We both knew this day would come too soon The time is now

verse 2 Brilliant white stars Choking the sky Is there room for another? Hating the world Drowning in lies Why did I never really matter to you?



bridge-ending Don't want this to be the end But I'm just chasing stars fading into the sun rising Don't want this to end But I'm just chasing stories fading into past tense Crept up on us somehow The time is now I will move on somehow The time is now.

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