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waiting for a moment

a break

something to catch and i can be positive again

it hurts so much i want to peel off my skin

and my thoughts scare me

why won't i listen?

it gets better it does..

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when i think i can't i can.. i mean i should

how to erase this anger?

i just want to kick and scream

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you broke me how will i ever recover?

i've always found solace in music

but i haven't quite mastered the art

of vocalizing the pain you scream inside

and then setting it adrift

to float away

and dissipate

i've come to find that i somehow manage to


the hurt

and carry it in my hands like a secret truth

a story that's whispered over and over again in my ear

until i'm drowning

amidst perfectly normal, functioning people

in a per...Read more

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over the years i've come to find myself s l o w l y becoming a falun dafa practitioner and it dawned on me that it may be quite significant to chronicle my journey.. not because of the greatness of the practice (by all means it's immensely great, but that's something for everyone to discover on their own), but to reflect on my own actions and thoughts, especially when i face tribulations. it's really a continuation of the reflections from my original blog but now it's in..

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The dust has settled, blood spilled

I can finally see clearly the mistakes I have made

We were once gods and we loved this life

How did we fall so far?

Love is such a beautiful mystery

So beautiful it hurts

And hurts and hurts

My ears are ringing

I can't hear the useless cries

What happened to that melody floating along the plumeria-filled air?

Beckoning peace of mind

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

We betrayed our words

But maybe we knew al...Read more

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that familiar feeling

could it be that simple?that my parents gave me up

and i'm forever a lost child?

logically i understand

i accept

and reasonably

there are so many people that suffer greater losses

and are fine, functioning human beings

why can't i be?

i know my life isn't meant for fairytales

and i'm grateful for the bursts of fleeting joy

even if some of it was only pretend..

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where are you going..

i've never met you

but i love you

and i'm so sad that you left

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last chance

even though i'm starting over

despite my past mistakes

regardless of my nagging insecurities

in spite of my tendency to quit or fail

even if i do fail

i have to try to be better

there's no other way

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just kinda felt perfect around you but not anymore..

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Open Waters (Music & Lyrics)

[song inspiration]extremely humbled by the tremendous heart and effort necessary to fight for peace and human rights in this world and grateful for this difficult but hopeful life..[listen] http://soundcloud.com/graceskyblue/open-waters

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