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videos gone cheap

What do you get when you combine a worn out Sony MiniDV camera, the night-train from Guangzhou to Kowloon, a handful of stolen cruise missiles and a few long hours of editing & post production? Check back here, very soon. It's... dark.

I really wanted to give this blog post the title of "how to make a music video visual for less than HK$800... but when you factor in the computer, the hard-drives, audio monitors, video & sound cards, not to mention the software & camera... forget about it. This hobby ain't a cheap one. Fun though. More rewarding than just making the music. Just completed editing together some amateur / student DV footage shot at Soler's recent outdoor gig at the HKAPA (six cameras in total, all of them managing to miss key bits of action simultaneously!!!)... the end result came out surprisingly well. Will post links to the live vid if the guys decide to make it public.Ongoing album saga... release date now looks like January. Considering the mixing & mastering was completed in September and the last 2 months have consisted of nothing more than paperwork just to keep the distributor happy; it's a relief to finally have the damn thing at the factory. The other / first video that was shot for the album (mentioned it here a couple months ago) is also nearly done; big thanks to Digger (directed) and Victor (edited) and the rest of the guys who gave up a lotof their free time to get it finished. Should have that online soon as well.

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