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future model: radiohead now saul williams

well, not only is the new saul williams album a complete fucking blinder in the face of all things hip-hop (if you can narrowly classify it that), he's also embracing the I've been harping on about for years and years and years... listeners supporting the artist directly. screw labels and shops and distributors. or if you don't feel ready to pay, just take the music... yeah, you heard me right: you can either buy the album for $5 or download it free from the official website. if htttp://oink.cd hadn't have been busted by the police, I was planning to release my album for free as a torrent (in conjunction with a sales framework should people actually care to support the whole thing).anyway - this post is not about me. it's about saul and co-producer trent reznor. check out the music below and please consider dropping a measily few bucks so he can make more music.film makers take note. you'll need to start thinking about doing this in a few years. no joke.

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no joke!
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Good seeing you last night! Man small fucking world .. Dude I was just on the NIN.com website yesterday and also discovered the niggytardust album produced by trent... I listened to the 3 song sample package... It is pretty cool!!! You can really hear Trent's elements there...
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