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Frag MV

Done! scroll down for the QuickTime link.

finished Frag mv can be downloaded here (16.11MB). dark, hectic, intense and probably not going to be shown on commercial music television any day soon! blink and you will miss the details, just be thankful it's only 3 minutes long.

there was a silly amount of editing to get things in time with the music. next time will try something with more complex CGI instead of simple 2D compositing... right now my Maya skills are in the realm of suck... and I don't think a spinning cube draped in a hairy cloth would quite cut-it.(p.s: please note that this is the video we went up into China to shoot, that's something totally different.

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Photo 33427
distortion is the best. the louder and more fucked up the better!!!
over 16 years ago
Photo 33427
You might be thinking of Chemical Brothers "Star Guitar" by Michel Gondry? A wicked video, the making of which is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nDUnEEtrHw No offense ever taken :)
over 16 years ago
Photo 37614
just check this MV last nite, awesome one!!!
over 16 years ago


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