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friday tracks, midday drinking

managed to finish work early at the studio tonight (2AM, a nice change) ... so while on the hunt for new music I found these videos. Nothing new, I just happen to like them.


I love Aesop Rock but I have no clue what he's going on about. Need to find the lyrics. This video doesn't help either.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=l1u43KDiWD0 Happy Friday! I'm off out for midday drinks with the Young Occasional Billionaires Social club Xmas luncheon. An annual piss-up which starts at ... lunchtime (very good) ... then keeps going until ... boxing day. Or something. Usually a mess.

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Simonbirch 4e simonbirch
if you like aesop rock you should also check out busdriver, they do this track 'imaginary places'. awesome. oh and the new pahroahe monch album is really good and surprisingly the new public enemy is awesome too!
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