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boom bang crash

Been a helluva long week ... recording & mixing three tracks for metal duo DP, some last minute mixing of three tracks for Josie's new album, mixing one track for Eric Suen (is he not blogging on here?), remixing one track for Aussie rock band Regurgitator (and simultaneously trying to learn CoreImage programming in order to finish off this damn FXFactory plug-in we're making for  their new music video) ... am getting just about 3 hours sleep a night right now. Love life when it's busy! Yumla has got a great weekend lined up as well - if you already missed the Juice Magazine party on Wednesday or DJ SS (Formation Records UK) last night then make sure you swing down for Multiboy (Germany) & Ladystar tonight* or the debut HK DJ set (correct me if wrong?) spun by designer extraordinaire Stack-Aly of FiberOps & supported by the DJ's deejay Drafus.With the amount of work which had passed thru my head this week, I definitely needed a weekend like this to reset the synapses.

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i'm still waiting to hear those Soler remixes, are those going to be on their next album? or b-sides for a single?
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most likely b-side or bonus tracks on the next album / site ... who knows :) just not available now!
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