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back to beijing!!

Im back to My town! and i already miss HK!  these 8 days was very very intense for me, i didnt really sleep all these days.i went to the puma party ,music battle, asia film award, i shoot my short movie, i work also in same time for a client based in Beijing......i was very happy to see my friends i didnt see since longtime Michael, Harry,  Patrick, Raffi, And meet new guys Alan, Joe! and an amazing korean actoress Moon Choi :) .it was a blast to shoot this movie with you guys!!!im looking forward for the new one , hehe :)i dont have time t...Read more

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Hong Kong see you in 6 hours !! ^_^
Longtime i didnt come back... more than one year!

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not everyday...

It's not everyday you can see me take picture of myself, without hat and... smiling!!!!!

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《平行上海》 the first trailer (45 sec)!!!

yeah!!! im glad to introduce to you the first trailer of《平行上海》 (Parallel Shanghai) Starring with my buddies Michael Chan and Patrick "Kazu" Tang.now the movie is on sound effects process, hope finish with it very soon ^^Enjoy this 45 sec version ^^EDIT: youtube version added!!!Video: http://w...Read more

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new Vivian Shi photoshoot

i did it again, a new photoshoot video of   Vivian Shi funny thing: i uploaded this video on my Yukou page but they banned it,,, reason: its a porn video... HAHAHA... come on.. what kind of filter they have??? they put a lot of HIPHOP MV with girls shake their a** everywhere and if you looking well m they also have some "AV"!! Finaly, i uploaded on Tudou ?( i dont know for how long it will stay there hahahah)Video:Video: Read more

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《新少林寺》(shaolin) Logo Reveal

i love watch movies.By watching a different movie, I get inspired and create my own special effects. (until i can be director...one day, maybe.)

I recently watch "新少林寺", really like this movie! I watched in the cinema 5 times.

Because I love the movie, so I try to make my own title animation, unfortunately the title can not be find in internet (illustrator file or psd), so I used a new approach to clean up a "jpg" of the poster, i found on internet  and use it to make the animation.the video is ...Read more

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Where am i from? Part 2

few days ago, i was talking about where i go , i will always be a stranger...funny that one day later, i went for meet a director who own a video production for some nice clients and they was looking for some freelancer.  i went there, i met him, the first and normal question was "whats my REAL name?" so i say my name Is "Said Chaou" (like the guy in LOST, tv show). and he start to repeat my name "said, said, said, said, said..... you are muslim, isn't??" i tried to stay calm and say "Said is an ...Read more

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Where really am i from ?

i'm that kind of guy talk about his life a lot or his thought in the blog but this one stick in my head since im born. since im in china, Chinese see you like foreigner wherever you come from you are stay 老外. where can be a good thing for me because i'm Moroccan born in Belgium, i grow up in a a city where have actually lot of racist... all my life since im kid , i hear a lot of "go back to your Sahara" or "go steal in your country!!" "Fucking Arabian" (the last one, i never understand... for me,...Read more

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Video For Vivian Shi

Vivian Shiask me to shoot video about one of her photo-shoot in Beijing, of course i cannot refuse it ;) Here the video (sorry no youtube...too lazy to get VPN)Thanks again for the invitation Vivi!!!EditViviane was invited for a show called "CROSSOVER" On CCTV 9 (english)i was surprised that they show the video, i made for her on the show ^_^Read more

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"DIU!" been a while!

YO!!! Been longtime since my last post here!!!!These months, since i'm moved to Beijing, are crazy as hell. With my short movie (didn't finish the post production, still lot of thing to do) , meeting people and get some new clients.I dont even see the time goes so fast :(!!Nothing new for me at this moment... i hope get some fresh new "next year" :PI wish you guys a happy new year in advance if i'm not online!!!!bonushere some videos breakdown about my short movie:Read more

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Belgian independant filmmaker in China! Making some cool short films online! 比利時導演住中國拍攝酷的微電影。

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