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Shooting at shanghai

The shooting was great, i really enjoy it!! thx to Said, Micheal, Burt, Chun li, Bcut!! i had a good moment. Im actually in thailand back to train very hard, for some orther project!

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hi everybody

back to the normal. after a big promote for raging phoenix, you can watch those videos on my website www.kazu.fr

right now i train everyday to get better for the next project..

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Back for the real fight

Today im starting a new program by the champion bodybuilder Roongtawan. I need to get weight at least 4kg. I was 70 Kg one month before starting the movie and i had to lose 6 Kg to fit with the role. I hope you enjoy the movie if you have any question! add me on my msn : Kazuneda@hotmail.com.

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The dream become true....

Last night was the Press conference premiere Of Raging Phoenix i was really excisting to see the movie. The director totally did it. New action romantic concept, Mix with martial art trickz Break dancing Ice skate Drunken master version muay Thai. Thx u To Pee Lashane Limtrakul. MY DREAM BECOME TRUE, Ive been waintg for long time since i was 17 years, i never give up always keep going and believe in myself.Just dream YOUR DREAM  Thx all the people i know i met and i dont know :)

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March 10, 2009