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BYE China for soon....

"We are informed by the China visa office that effective from 28
March 2008-17 Oct 2008 there will be no more multi entry (F) visas
available. For those who still need visas can only apply single or double entry
visas instead (Duration of each stay is 30 days). All this will last till the
Olympic games finished."

Very nice... no choice than just leave china and give up... Damn, i'm so MAD!!!!!

No comment, i dont feel well at all...


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souvenir's Album....

just made it for show, how had fun make movies with my friend before in Belgium ^_^

and how i miss this time....

all picture took by FunkyMnX

Video: http://www.56.com/n_v18_/c14_/3_/14_/redinou_/1168699862_830_/365270_/0_/8545756.swf

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HK Part 2!!

I'm back!!!

now this time, I went to HK for 4 days last week!!! (it was last week?..... too lazy for check, anyway...)

I want to thank my friend's girlfriend for company, support ( ) me throughout my holiday in HK ^^

So now i can tell, I REALLY LOVE HK!!!!!!!!, it was 4 days of happiness.

for my first day, march 10th (it was last week right??) i miss my plane (yeeeaaaaaaaaah) 1 hour for wait a taxi.... no one wanna stop and i live to the opposite of PUDONG AIRPOR...Read more

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my first trip in HK!!!

My first time i went to HK, it was in april 2007...

i was at Zuhai for the launch of BMW Z4, my workmate ask me if i want go with her to HK by boat...

my joy was full, it was with pleasure i said yes ... BUT!!!! the same day we have to take the fly for shanghai >_<!!!

So i was in HK just for 4 hours!!!!!

when we arrived i call a friend and so lucky i am, he was free!! let's go make some shopping in adidas store (yes i love adidas shoes) some DVD because everybody know how is very hard to find t...Read more

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unofficial Belgium crazy stuntman (or suicide club)

i found this video in one of my old hard disk (yes, for the moment, i miss this time with my friends  )

My friend (the guy you will see in the video) wanted i shoot a fight scene for him... and for the end, he should fall through the hole of a wall...

we try have a minimum of security (laugh), we put some matress around the hole like that he can't hurt his back ( i really laugh a lot right now!).

BUT!! we didn't  think about the fl...Read more

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about HK's movie released in USA...

when I read the Phil Ng about the future release of Invisible Target... make me remember the time when i was choked to see the Infernal Affairs cover DVD from USA....how I was frustrated...

check by yourself...

this cover if i remember it was before the dvd be release...

Read more

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Let's go to HK!!!

hi everybody!!

Yes, i plan go to HK at March 10 th for 3 days only!! (no time with my work... -_-)

i'd rather go with some friends like hang out and show me some nice place!! ^^

and my friend told me " you have to go to Racks HK!!!".. Why not. if i find some friends

So if somebody are free for this 3 days, it will be so cool !! ^___^

i really won't stay there alone >...Read more

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again me!

sorry guys but these time,i'm little emotional... i really regret this old time when we made movie with the daddy's camera and have fun wihtout know what will happen after that...

i want share with you this time ^^

EX-DNA supposed to be my first movie with my chinese friends (all born in Belgium).

i've shooted it with a sony miniDV  PC110 NTSC...

it was in 2000 - 2001, no really serious project, but not really for fun too ^_^

but still a very very very nice souvenir for me, we had a lot a fun even...Read more

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this is a funny outtakes from my movie shadowed daylight made in Belgium with my friends.(2004-2005)

unfortunately is in French for some part so, sorry guys!.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysOnEqomqp0

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it was my nightmare....

i found this picture in one of my hard disks...

i remember this shoothing  like it was yesterday....

many light ( 30C), 2 hours shooting (just one plan...), the actor was almost fall because the room it was so hot for him... and eveverything shooted at 2.00 AM at Brussel (Belgium)

of course, everybody was happy when we finish the shoot.... but for me, it was just the begining...

because the next round was the "post-production"... because we dont have the green screen... so i had to "outli...Read more

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