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Shadowed daylight online

after 6 years, i decided to put my amateur movie on youku!

shadowed daylight was a really a big challenge because no budget (200 euros), and with people that they never ever play in a movie before... all of them was friends worker or student, no one was from the movie industry.

the second challenge was mix a lot of language in one movie... cantonese, mandarin, english, french and taiwanese! because some of them cannot speak mandarin..

Noon was his first time to speak in english in the movie hahaha , we can hea...Read more

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Double agent

When i was packed my stuff for move to a new appartment tomorrow, i found a dvd with only writed on it "2004" , i was wondering what it was, because i dont remember i write this or make a short movie called 2004. and i found it was a very old short movie i made with my friend in 8 hours in belgium, i remember that we are my home playing game and we felt boring... and my friend say :

"lets go make a movie" just fight, fight and fight (bad fight), i say ok! i tool my old handycam and we went to our school and we shoot a...Read more

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lightning in shanghai

i stayed like 25 minutes in my balcony to try get a lightning with my...... phone....

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need some advice ^^

in middle of october im leaving shanghai to beijing...

i m looking for an appartement, i wanna ask to people living in beijing with area is good to live?

thanks :D

(its a short blog i know, sorry!)

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when i took the plane for beijing... ( i was looking for appartment) i saw this guy, make me really laugh, when the flight took off. he didnt move , i thought he was sleeping but not, he was in a deep meditation ^^ scare to crash, maybe......

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an another parody!(HULK)

but from Bangladesh, HALKA (Parody of Hulk)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLKOkXopRxg&feature=player_embedded

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The Red Army Orchestra

when i surfed on renren or kaixin , i saw many people start to post some video about the red army orchestra movie...and start to be famous on internet, i was wondering why.

So i clicked on one of them, watch it, its very well made ^_^

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/AqLV0zdYq-c/ And have a lot of version of this movie ^_^ but this one is my favorite!

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i'm on TAOBAO.... 我在淘宝了

 hahaha, no comment

哈哈哈, 不予置评

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Small Breakdown

I don't really have some fresh news about the movie, we still working on it, and specialy for the FX part... Here a small breakdown of one of the scene: 关于这部电影,我暂时没有新的消息,我们正在进行工作制作中,尤其是特效的部分。这里是一些电影效果的分散图片。请看: Read more

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Belgian independant filmmaker in China! Making some cool short films online! 比利時導演住中國拍攝酷的微電影。

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