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Where really am i from ?

i'm that kind of guy talk about his life a lot or his thought in the blog but this one stick in my head since im born. since im in china, Chinese see you like foreigner wherever you come from you are stay 老外. where can be a good thing for me because i'm Moroccan born in Belgium, i grow up in a a city where have actually lot of racist... all my life since im kid , i hear a lot of "go back to your Sahara" or "go steal in your country!!" "Fucking Arabian" (the last one, i never understand... for me, Arabian is someone from Arabia,no? ... Im Belgian originally from Morocco,  dudes!! Stupid Rascist not able make the difference between countries...).... Country... mhhh... yes,,, about Country, im born in Belgium, im Belgium citizen but im still a foreigner for them... i go to Morocco , they look at me like a foreigner also... in China... HAHAHA ok here its normal, im foreigner too...Now the question is... where is my country then? if no Belgium nor Morocco is my country??Well im still looking for the answer ^_^At least here, Chinese they never say something like "go back to your country" to me.Message from a Belgium guy originally from Morocco and living in China

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ha, interesting! yes identity is a tricky subject. that's one thing that's somewhat better about the US compared to Europe... :-P
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@Etchy I cannot me more agree with you, i think, about this ^_^ , for me seems like Everybody in us and US citizens, thats the good thing anyway hehehe...
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Hey homie, You don't have to worry about where you belong because in the end... There is really only one nation that we all belong to... KissNation. And only one rock & roll national anthem and that's "Rock n Roll All Night, Party Every Day!"
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