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New short video i shot last week at the 798 art district in Beijing. with only one actor.... Myself -_-thats was very though, since i was directed, acted and doing the special effects. (i was so sick also.... :( )in total, it was:- 5 hours shooting- 5 days post-productions (editing, FX, color correction and color grading)Thanks to my friend, Alex Riviere, Who did the sound design and mix!Enjoy!!!This summer...Read more

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Me and apple is not really a good relationship...

it start with the ipod 10 years ago... few days later, "paf" doesnt work anymore... then the first iphone... few weeks later the screen touch doesnt work...so i bought a new one..where that same day the screen broke... -_-So i stopped buy any apple product... until two month ago when i went to Singapore For holiday and i saw that superb discount for macbook pro 15", i bought it.... 2 month later ( it was the longest time that apple product was well with me) the screen doesnt work anymore...so i...Read more

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HE is ME!!

one of my friend living in Japan found that flyer! That guy Looks exactly like me!!!! unbelievable.what that flyer is talking about, btw?  

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HI AnD!!!!

it been really longtime now.... Since my life is not that interesting ( just working on CG for some Chinese TV series, eat, cinema, sleeping), so i never really know what to write.... i hope, pretty soon, i will blog more here ^^

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ho my!!! It's been a while !!!

Hey!! ITs been a while since my last Post oo!!! I got really really busy these months , i work as VFX director for a Chinese tv serie, almost 3 month shooting in Hengdian studio and Shanghai and 1 day before i come back to Beijing Li tong called me for shoot her MV in Shanghai. So yes , today i got time to write something and tomorrow again i will be busy for 2 weeks and also maybe go again on shooting in hengdian end of august.i promise i will upload pictures of my two last jobs but here some "Free" sample!He...Read more

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玩聚 - let's powwow

我用了4个小时来编辑这段视频,因为上一个人的剪辑很差劲,并且在我收到视频的那一天也是公司的第一次首映会,来了很多的投资人。。。所以,在这么短的时间内,我没有办法做大量的特效,只是做了简单的剪接、编辑This video took me 4 hours to make it, because the last guy make the video was very very very bad and the company have their first launch party in same day with a lot of investors...So i made something very simple ..no miracle to do with this small time.什么是"玩聚"玩聚创新科技是为智能手机用户提供基于位置的资讯和好友动态。 不管你是用IPhone还是Android系统,都可以下载“玩聚lets powwow”来迅速搜索周边的餐厅, 酒吧和活动,并获取优惠价格。还可以和周边的朋友互动,去分享你们的品质生活。What Is Let’s Powwow?Powwow Ltd. is a Mobile Inter...Read more

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Foreigners are always make fun about chinese use English...

But what about foreigners use chinese? 中华人民共和国screen from the Tv serie "Chaos" Season 1 Episode 2

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the last work i did...

here we go ,  here the last "Cute" animation i did for a new american company based in Beijing.The voice was made by one of their company... (save some money perhaps) :PPS: the new about my first 3D shooting is a FAKE ^_^ 

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March was a great month!

yeah! March was a great Month, i got so many thing to do, first. i did an interview of Andrew Lin about his make-up company, will be online pretty soon then i was busy with a new client who want a full animation video for his new company based in beijing (but originaly from USA)The video will be online on youtube and youku soon :)then of course i went to HK, where i met my friend and attend some e...Read more

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new (very) short movie shoot in HK!

For my last two days in HK, Michael Chan and me decided to shoot a very short movie with some good friends. It was a great experience because we came with a basic topic and the story "evolved"(i dont know if its the correct word)  every minute and everybody can share their ideas and make it.and it help also to know each others better and know how we can works this out together!And it worked well ^_^and we also meet a new "member" Moon Choi From Korea who accept without hesitation to do something with u...Read more

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Belgian independant filmmaker in China! Making some cool short films online! 比利時導演住中國拍攝酷的微電影。

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